• What does it mean to be a witch? Witches now are very commonplace, believe it or not. The girl playing hopscotch on the corner, the teenagers giggling over inconsequential gossip, the woman chastising her incompetent subordinates over the phone, all of them are witches.

    Note though that men cannot be witches. This is a result of the gender…[Read more]

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    Now the beast wasn’t to go unchallenged, because even as the witch dreamed it up, she also dreamed its three adversaries.

    And like all fairy tales, it takes trials to reach any type of result.

    So the beast was to conquer the fields of asphodel, gather the five Hwansaengkkot, and steal the Sudarshana Chakra.

    In response to this hodgepodge…[Read more]

  • But while A and N were trapped in the witch’s apartment lair, as I’ve mentioned before, they were only children. Mostly insignificant in the scheme of things.

    So while they couldn’t leave, this was not the most interesting bit of the story.

    No, that honor goes to the beast still hiding in the village, and the witch it managed to subdue from…[Read more]

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    At the same time, the witch in the high rise bled on her floor. Her blood and lymph soaked into the cracks between the tile.

    This seems quite irrelevant, or at the very least redundant, but what you have to remember is that the girl was a witch, and witches, much like English teachers like to thing of authors, rarely do anything without…[Read more]

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    So what now?

    Her two listeners, let’s call them A and N for now, weren’t really prepared for this type of situation.

    As you may or may not have surmised, despite their general air of indifference, A and N were actually quite young.

    Everyone in the small city, well everyone who wasn’t a college student at least, knew about the creepy…[Read more]

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    So now back to the beast. The beast who may or may not have been a wolf but who, like the girl’s watchers, was becoming tired of the imposed hiatus in its story.

    And so that night, when all she wanted to do was sleep, never to wake, it humored her wishes.

    The next morning, her watchers came to find her in disarray, arms and legs strewn…[Read more]

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    “But the difference here is that the beast knew it was in a story. Well, ‘knew’ is too strong a word, but the narrative structure that we take for granted, one that so rarely reflects the intricacies and banalities of how life plays out, had wrapped itself around stories of wolves, particularly in this small village, and so by some intuition, the…[Read more]

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    “But back to the story,” she shook her head for a second, clearing her thoughts, before starting back up again.

    “It would stay away from women and children, but even the men, though they’d be hard-pressed to admit it, because these men were not socialized to admit such things, found it strange.”

    One of her listeners coughed, the scratched…[Read more]

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    “And it would hide, amongst all the men of the village, lips salivating at the thought of impending destruction. It avoided children, because they could see what it was. It avoided women in the same way two negative charges repel.”

    She stopped for a second, eyes on a frayed denim thread.

    “You see, women and wolves are very much alike.…[Read more]

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    They weren’t her friends, but they would visit, donned in sweatshirts and skinny jeans, and listen silently.

    So she would speak.

    “Once upon a time, there was a great big beast, foul and fearsome, paws as big as a laptop, sharp edges as hidden as spilled glass.”

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    Once upon a time there was a girl.

    She was a miserable girl, screeching and wailing against the world day by day, till her voice ran out and her throat dried shut.

    Still, they would visit her.

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    there are blinds covering my window, so at night I can’t see the stars

    I can’t see the moon, or the clouds, or the city buildings reaching towards the sky with grasping glass fingers

    so instead, I type, the light from my screen illuminating the way

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    I like to make things as tough for people as possible.

    But if you dig deeply, this shell of mine is made of plastic, warmed to malleability by the heated air.

    So watch for the colored pieces, jagged across the sand.

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    if for every word they had said, a ray of sunshine lit the stage, among these man-made lanterns there would be a star to outshine them all.

    but instead, there is only an empty stage

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    “it’s a slippery slope,” she will say two weeks from now.

    “it doesn’t have to be this way,” she will plead, as you walk away, towards the beach

    but for now, you two sit on the balcony, legs swung over the metal ledge

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    If there were a thousand things that he could have done at that particular moment, rather than sit around twiddling his thumbs, h probably still wouldn’t have done them.

    Instead, he falls off the wooden fence, splinters digging into his calves and palms, knees bruised and torn with thinning blood as he lands off his feet.

  • a bird sits on my windowsill and chirps once,
    twice before it flies away – breaking plaster and glass with
    its wings of silver and green stone

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    I see you people doing wonderful things with your lives, and all I can do is try to keep up as I run down the asphalt driveway, feet thumping, heart racing, lungs collapsing in one themselves, an amnesiac playing at being asthmatic.

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    I always regret the nights I am around you
    You words intoxicate me
    Or maybe it’s the wine beside me

    Whatever the reason, when I am with you, these fragile arms of mine are instead wings, but as I soar up and up into the sky, white feathers turn back to cracked brown skin, and I’m alone as I fall.

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    the thing about liminal spaces
    the only thing i’ve found
    is to cross safely
    keep your eyes averted down