• Dust and noise, hands become white as you write the things that people are supposed to find insight into. If you listen you can make anything insightful. Not just on a chalkboard.

  • Anna-Jayne commented on the post, montage 7 years, 11 months ago

    Make me a picture, one that shows the feelings that I cannot yet see. Through these clippings and images that are spinning off of the pen, I can once again make sense of things.

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    San Francisco days under the sun with the wind blowing ever. so. slightly. The hair styles are a testament to the past and the memories that we have about it.

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    ample heat and no time to sleep when the torches are lit and they are running down the street. In the hands of the people who need them the least because they care too much about those distorted dreams. That leave no room for them to see what could be true to another.

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    The opposite of such a thing is in my heart today. What can you ask yourself to inspire, invite or imagine the most happy and content place to sit in yourself? What could you do, what would you eat, smell, or touch. Who would you be around and what would that mean for you and […]

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    White, and breakable. As anything else, and there are many ways to do so. Split, shatter, clean break and the messiest of repairs to fix. The ones that break the skin and are never healed and the ones that you already forgot happened. The bones will be with you for your life its a matter […]

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    Process, other things probably do not matter in this time I would imagine. That there is nothing more rewarding. A child, the product of two people or creatures bound by love or maybe just a connection, sometimes the connections are one sided unfortunately. No one deserves that

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    Achilles heel, the weak spot for a person that you dont want to hit unless your trying to push their limits. Sometimes that is a desire but refrain unless there is gain on both ends. Being selfish at the cost of other people is never something you want to do.

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    Some people tattoo this on their eyes you know?
    The moment that I touch the pencil to my eye I think about how this is going to look bad in about an hour and I would rather just use mascara.

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    Russel, the heat brushes over you and your dusty feet are feeling free. The bikes and the bruised knees. With people that you never see this time is special and you can just simply be.

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    “Lights” is playing as we walk through the door. The fluorescent nature boggles my mind. I am going to stand out today. But think twice for if I know better I will see beyond this nature.

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    hmmm. Lock.
    knowing that you are protected.
    maybe deadbolting our hearts would be safer
    but then the rewards would be as great.

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    I am not puzzled, the pieces fit today. I am one square and you are another edge that encompasses, the inner workings of the picture. We skim the surfaces to read whats inside and once we manage to fit enough edges together in just the right way the picture comes together. It looks beautiful and […]

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    on the rocks. pour over me and steer me into oblivion as I wash away the thoughts that make this life harder than it needs to be sometimes. pour me a glass and lets chat, about what we want from life and each other. I want to know you

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    She is talking in a severe way and I understand the delay is not something that is fun to deal with. Either way it is what it is and I have been there too. But when you understand what yo do then accept it and follow through.

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    Absolute, in the obsolete feeling that pulsated through my body t minus 2 months ago. I could have never hoped for such a feeling and yet I was graced with its presence. Happiness is not something you ask for its something you build from the ground up, maybe even shambles are required for true happiness.

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    Bursting from my mind, the time passes as I realize the thirst for life that engulfs me. I start to quiver in a thought, that changing time changes people a lot more than you may want. Mourning the loss of a friend, will that person we once knew manifest himself again or is he buried […]

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    I believe that this is a cloud in the sky that lights up the night, that swoops eternally in your mind, and brushes away the analyses that pave the way for self destruction because in a sky that is successful you only have the fluffiest of clouds and sunshine.

  • Structured oatmeal would not really work, It is all about the mushy texture and the option of taking a bite wherever you please. Nothing should be structured when it comes to oatmeal except maybe how long you microwave it, but even still you can always add water,…

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    The tales of time are woven into my spine. I arch in stress at times, and in ease I can stand tall. However these people decide to stake there way in my life I am not always a passive by stander to their influence. I have a mind and woven in that is my love, […]