• Anna commented on the post, dusk 5 years ago

    I can’t help but want to be alone during dusk.
    I want to witness the end of the day standing alone
    Reminding me that it all fades away in the end.
    But I will remain, at least to myself
    I am the one person
    I never have to lose.
    And that makes me beautiful.

  • Anna commented on the post, level 5 years ago

    Sometimes one just feels like they should level up in life
    We’re always searching for the next bit of meaning that our lives can hold
    You go through high school
    Then college
    Then a career, or maybe you start a family
    Myself, I’d like to hope that life is an open world
    Instead of a side-scroller.

  • Anna commented on the post, lethargic 5 years ago

    Lethargic is such an ugly word.
    You can blame your downfalls
    On lack of skill, or trying too hard,
    Or not enough opportunity
    But when you are lethargic
    You fail by default
    For no reason
    It is a word filled
    With negative space

  • Anna commented on the post, still 5 years ago

    I still think of you.
    Even though to call you my lover would be a lie,
    You are still with me.
    My brother in arms, at my side,
    And I at yours.
    I still think of you.
    Please know that.

  • Anna commented on the post, wondering 5 years ago

    My wondering eyes followed your wandering hands
    Across my skin like it was silk
    Like I was the strongest fragile thing
    You’d ever seen