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    Of Age

    The light breeze brushing the skin,
    Eyes staring out the window at nothing,
    The hum of the city that is a hum no more,
    The ears escaped to seek sounds of shores,
    There is no noise in the thoughts that came,
    A remark on the irony of time is made,
    The pictures are old, faces in them are young,
    A wonder as to whom those faces now belong,
    As the piano plays the eyes see a montage,
    Tears find their way across a cheek,
    Echoes heard from memories gone,
    Wishes are made to return to the past.
    Today will be a memory again,
    May be full of hope, or of regret,
    Arms searching to hold them,
    Hands wanting to make the future,
    The mind a fallen leader with wisdom.
    Happiness is sought, had less often,
    Some understood it was not to be found,
    But accepted.