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    She caught the last ferry out of the city. All of the bridges were gone, crumbled into piles of stone at the bottom of the Great Ford river. She could still smell the city burning. It stuck inside of her nose like a dead body.

  • Buying, selling, buying selling, Jesus Christ, doe it ever stop? The flow of commerce all around, at any given time, is unfathomable. Just think, that person next to you in the cafe (from which you just bought your morning coffee), the one on his phone, could be buying a car, or a house, or even 30 small gifts for orphan babies in Kenya for all you know.

  • She was sensible, never tried too hard to make a good impression, but did anyway. Down to earth, so far down in fact she was inside it, in the dirt, under the soil. She fanned out the roots of trees and pushed up their trunks, spread out their branches.

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    The numbers were baffling: 1825 dead, 520 missing, out of which 154 were presumed dead, and 298 were presumed to be in some sort of semi-conscious state, aware of their surroundings but entirely asleep.

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    stamped across his forehead
    plain for all to see
    the inventions of his slimy mind

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    absolute nothingness, a void, still, tranquil, as if in the vacuum of space, no sound other than the blood rushing through your head, between your ears, your own heartbeat louder than anything else around you

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    It was nearing midnight, and the sailor could not fall asleep. The ship he was in was only one in a fleet of 264, out in the deep Atlantic. They were being tousled like hair, the ships and their crewmembers both. He was fresh from the academy, and it was his first deployment. He and the rest of his shipmates were headed to Portugal, specifically…[Read more]

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    A grand piano sat in the middle of the airport, unplayed. People were rushing to and from various gates, paying no attention to the marvel that stood alone in the middle of the place balanced on three wooden legs, perfectly tuned and ready to create comforting, soothing sounds for all those within earshot. Hundreds upon hundreds of years were put…[Read more]

  • The prisoner was held in the trunk of the dark man’s car until they arrived at the house on the beach. He could hear the ocean between his cries for help and the bang bang bang of him kicking the car.

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    high strung and strung out
    want to rip my tongue out
    i speak these words
    these words without meaning
    i never really understand
    exactly what im feeling
    or if im feeling anything at all
    god i feel like im about to fall
    catch catch catch me if you can
    oh look another american
    boy, i sure am glad i was born
    into a land where freedom
    is the…[Read more]

  • life’s narrative
    a script written in sand
    being washed away
    with every passing day
    by the currents of time,
    so rhyme, make rhythm
    forgive, be forgiven
    and wait until the tide takes you away

  • thunder roared overhead as the men rode into the village. night had set many hours ago, and the only light shining on the path they traveled came from the torches attached to the doors of the homes they passed.

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    call the police! I’m being held here against my will!

    excuse me sir, maybe you should stop holding this man against his will.


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    the train came to a slow stop at the station. i watched the passengers rise from their seats and put on their hats, preparing to depart and scatter like shards of glass from a broken plate.

  • her naked face embraced
    the wind
    no regret
    but a smile laced
    interwoven between time and space
    her teeth showing like stars

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    rise, children, and show your fathers what you have done
    rise, children, and show your mothers what you’ve become
    rise, children, and show the world your guns
    kill the traitors of reason, the ones who hold you down

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    there was a man, dressed in a tuxedo, waiting for me at the end of the hallway. in his right hand he held a torch. he kept it raised high above him, the flames licking the ceiling. “follow me,” he said in a whisper.

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    The birth of my first child will come any day now. I am not sure what word to use to describe the emotion I am feeling. This is going to completely redesign me, reshape the person I am. I hope I am ready for it.

  • there’s is nothing i can write about this word that is not silly. why is it that these ancient creatures, these terrifying beasts, are now seen as childish?

  • bad word.