• At approximately 14:00, in Miami, Florida; Mr. Hasslehoff entered ‘Tyler Booty presents: Mr. Titter’s Jug ‘n’ Chug Emporium’. Inside, Mr. Hasslehoff repeatedly exclaimed profane language and claims he ‘brought […]

  • “Wew…Ah musta bin 2 ears old when ah furrst fer in love with fawing offa fings. My love faw ged’ding hit by tings came latur when pa started drinking. Gurd tams! Bud thar first time yur stand on your roof and […]

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    Ian was stirring teriyaki sauce when Sharon arrived home. “Hey?” said Sharon, wondering if he might already be home. “I’m in the kitchen” replies Ian, smiling and adding chicken to the Teriyaki. Sharon was […]

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    I virtually melted under the gaze of the 1000 irritated Puerto Ricans. I’d like to say it wasn’t my fault they were all covered in faeces, but it was. Women & children screamed as the tidal wave of rats I had […]

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    Whilst the precious fire flickered in the darkness of the cave, woman sex stares at sleeping man. Though his resting is the result of a day’s hunt that will provide weeks of sustenance for baby and pet sabre […]

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    After the little league game, I stood by the bleachers. At first I did not notice I was not alone. The sounds of gentle sobbing eventually became loud enough for me to hear. I looked under the seats to find a […]

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    Mmmmmmmm….donkey balls.

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    I had just finished work and was walking toward my favourite titty bar, when I noticed a commotion outside of the Target store. Sauntering in for a closer look, the poster above the door became clearer – ‘5pm […]

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    There is a spirit that lingers in the stands. The torn up grass suggest the true power of the game. The floodlights stand high in the sky and blaze brighter than the sun. They hide a ghostly graveyard of bitter […]

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    He said he’d never done it before. Said he felt kind of queasy with the thought of it. As I pointed out, he’s never worried about her feeling queasy when she’s doing it to him. Whether it was on the bed, in the […]

  • “Holy cow!” My watch became lost in the cow’s anus. “Help! My watch is lost.” Mimicking what might have to be done, I practiced by gently easing my arms into air cow. “This isn’t going to work!” I look to my […]

  • Everyone else looked on, unperturbed by what he said to him. Few knew it’s implication,as in life, few saw the subtext. On the surface it may have sounded positive, but we know him. He is negative inward and […]

  • I stood stoic. Departees and arrivers buzz around me. I am motionless and smiling. As I watch her and her plane begin its ascent through the high glass walls, I clutch her earrings in my hand. They will always […]