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    we ran over the field. Bombs were falling everywhere. i hate the war. it is terrible. hearing a high tune, jumped the last meter to the near woods. a crowd cried somewhere behind me, but then the bomb reache the floor and i feel deaf.. then a second later one more hit me.

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    I found an old jacket in our gardenhouse. Holding it in my hands i can smell my gandpa and suddenly i see him sitting in the garden smoking or cutting the gras. I can see all the memories like a movie playing in my head..

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    Her hair was golden. She was so beautiful. But was she my dreamgirl? I don´t know.. If i think about it, I would say: She is a beauty, but one of that girls, who are cheerleader and bullying that freaks at school. Could I accept it? To have a girl, everybody likes, who ist well-behaved, when she wants something, but to other people horrible?

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    I am hungry and this is heightened by the coffee shops along the streets. But if you don’t have money to buy something you won’t get anything. Why did i run away ? I was the craziest idea come to a big city without a penny in my pocketts. But if I see all the people here I just want to leave the civilisation no more strong feelings and no more…[Read more]

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    If I think about the children in the 5. grade i only see them with a phone… WHERE IS THE CHILDHOOD?! I cant remember a day when I wasn´t outside. But they haven´t time to play with each other.. I mean play! not Video-games or playing doodle jump while they´re driving home from school. But I understand them. I wouldn´t run and play outside aft…[Read more]

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    -Why don´t you tell me you can see all this things?-
    +You never asked me.+
    -How long is it going on now?-
    +A while…+