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    His squinty little eyes popped as wide as they would go as he came to ‘his’ own self realization, “exactly!”. Slowly, he turned to me and pointed. “Precisely, m’dear. Oh, just wonderful! They shall be vanilla cakes with lime frosting and lily decorations to match!”

    I forced a smile, reassuring him of his brilliance.

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    I was born on December 13, 2003 on one of the most horrible winters days. I remember seeing branches flying past the windows and rain pelting down on the roof outside. I also remember the faces of joy, of ecstatic sadness, of relief and happiness surrounding where I lay. Now, you may ask me where I got these memories from because no infant can…[Read more]

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    The nightclub was hot, sticky, and I felt on the verge of being claustrophobic. This was not my scene, whatsoever. As I stalked through the mass of dancers and ‘suave’ male peacocks, I noticed this face that I’d never seen in person, but yet, I recognized.

    I realized exactly who he was once I accidentally knocked my elbow into his ribs, causing…[Read more]

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    She was a sleek, dark green, stream-lined beauty, and every two weeks I’d come racing out at 4:04 pm to see her chug past my back yard. I’d do this like a ritual, like my religion. Every Friday afternoon she would whistle past me, like a barge on wheels. Always on time, never a second too soon.

    Until August 21st, 1993.

  • Commissioned;

    You know when you see a word, and you know what it means, but not quite?


    Commissioned is one of those words. One of those words where you’d proudly use it in a sentence, but find it difficult to give a definition to a snooty intellect who questions the way you wielded it. One of those words that can make you smart in t…[Read more]

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    Back when the trees still had thick bark and the rivers did not run red, when the sky stayed it’s lasting blue and the night felt like a dance- this is what I remember as being human. Not this slag of a town, with it’s buckets of shit and barrels of cheap wine. I remember when I’d ride miles upon miles of grass without seeing a brick or a lane or…[Read more]