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    We laid so still in that bed, our breathing so controlled, so loud that it echoed in the room.Still against the soft satin of the sheets. Still against the cold breeze that came with each oscallation of the standing fan. Still until we fell into that twilight. Still until he moved his leathery hand into mine.

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    Autumn means pumpkins, gold and brown leaves cascading from the sky, crisp apples overflowing from my fruit bowl, blankets on the lawn on a chilly evening, scarves warming my neck. Autumn in Florida also means the pinkest sunsets. Sunsets that illuminate the entire sky and make you wonder why you ever questioned the exsistance of […]

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    Etiquette is a funny thing really: we need to eat with four forks, each with a different amount of prongs…some small, some huge. And that giant soup spoon! What do you make of that? Nobody’s mouth could possibly fit such a large spoon! And those teeny tiny little forks, for crabs and whatnot! How queer […]

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    Straw is what horses eat. Or maybe that is hay… What is the difference between straw and hay anyway? Heh, that rhymes! So horses might sleep or stand or eat straw, but, because we don’t know if hay = straw, then we don’t exactly know which is accurate. Sucks.