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    “nonononono” janie ran down the hallways, her suitcase bumping around behind her
    “im gonna be laaaate” she hurried through the croud, angering people as she pushed by
    she continued pushing and running when *bam* she ran straight into someone
    they both fell to the floor with a grunt

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    She sat on the couch with her head in her hands.
    “What am I gonna do?” she murmured.
    “Darling its okay,” he came up behind her and began rubbing her shoulders, “everything will work out fine. I promise.”

  • “Oh so you think this makes it better? you think you can bring your actions to justification with this?”
    “baby please, she means nothing to me,” he pleaded, begging for forgiveness on his knees.

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    “Shit. Its stuck,” Emily said from the living room.
    “What is?” i asked, turning the corner.
    She looked up at me from her place on the couch and gestured to the little clamp keeping her chip bag closed.
    I chuckled, “Of course that’s what your upset about.”
    I took the bag from her and sat with her on the couch, trying to unstick the clamp.
    “Hey…[Read more]