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    I walked up to her. She looked different today. She’s not her normal tomboy self. For some reason she has her hair in a braid and girly clothes on. This isn’t the same girl I had fallen for. I asked her what was wrong and she just looked away. That’s when he walked up to her, wrapped her in his arms and kissed her. I never thought it would come to…[Read more]

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    She turned around and realized where she was. She was dead in the middle of the woods. Why am I here? There was a stampede of thoughts flowing through her head. She was trying to figure out why she was in the woods. Did she run away from the one girl she dared to love? Or did she run away from her feelings?

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    I walked down the street and seen an old house. It looked abandoned but there was a light on inside. I knocked on the door and heard a knock back. I walked inside to see a devilish figure just standing there. He asks me, “How is life?” I reply, “It’s not as easygoing thanks to you.”

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    This is the same word from last night. I remember it. Anyway, rewrite….I’ll rewrite this entry with a completely different view. Rewriting is something most people think of that only relates to school work or proposals. It’s much more. It can apply to life. Think about it as you go through your day. You can rewrite your life.