• Alysa Sawyer commented on the post, sneaky 7 years, 10 months ago

    Very sneaky is this weather. It’s sunny one day and snowing the other.
    There is no way to predict it. You just have to sit back and enjoy it.
    These weather patterns are so damn tricky.

  • she was wasting time by playing solitaire on her computer screen. the weekend was almost here and with it the freedom of an out of town concert. she couldn’t wait to feel the music flowing through her.

  • she was radiant and full of life. jumping around and catching the smiles of everyone around her. she didn’t know what she would have to face tomorrow or the next day but for today she was who she was. she wasn’t tainted by the responsibilities of the real world or haunted by the state that […]

  • Alysa Sawyer commented on the post, tires 7 years, 11 months ago

    the tires squealed as the get away driver pulled out of the drive way and left the burning building in its rear view mirror.

  • the skies opened up into a downpour and everything I was holding inside erupted out of my throat in a scream. why did you have to leave? I know you were in pain but you never asked for my help….or maybe I didn’t recognize your asking…maybe this ache I have because of you doing the […]