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    Magenta lights flashed before her eyes. She was falling, slowly loosing conciousness. The world around her crackled and fell into darkness. She was glad for the relief. The pain inside of her had been plauging her for months now. She knew when she took a handful of the sleeping pills that this would happen. Relief from the pain. She also knew she…[Read more]

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    We stumble up the steep muddy slope, hand in hand our fingers interlocking. We grasp hard to each other even as the ground beneath us is slipping and falling away. Our hearts pounds in our chests and our breathe comes short and burning, ripping out of us like nothing before. But still we run, blindly we run. We dont know where we are going but we…[Read more]

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    She looked deeply at scene playing out before her. There was several well dressed hard working people in suits seated at thier desks buisily working thier lives away and she knew. She was determined to be the boss of the all someday, to find success however she had to get it, even if it meant giving up her humanity. She most likely would have give…[Read more]

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    Be who you really are and completely and only you. broadcast yourself and your feelings to the world and don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to cry when you see something sad or smile openly when something happy. dont be shy and dont hide within in yourself today is your day boradcast YOU

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    simple is the way that life should be. It is in fact the ideal life for me i would love a modest life in a house with some land nothing too fancy maybe not even a tv, just a husband who I could spend my evenings just talking and being together. simply peaceful simply relaxing and simply loving

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    i soar ever higher and higher searching for my goal hoping that i find it somewhere in this mess that is my life and yet the higher i get the more my goals seem to drift away and become more ghostly shadows of what they once were. The higher i get, the closer i am to them the more my will to reach them begins to waver and i am inclined to fall…[Read more]

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    both. together we stand with that wind at our backs blowing down the world around us. both of us hand in hand and heart in heart we intertwine beyond the spectrum of the corporeal world but beyond that into our very souls, our very beings. i look at you and i see you for who you are and what you are and you look deep into me the same way. I feel…[Read more]