• As they sat together on the sofa, looking out over the London skyline on their roof, the boy asked the girl, “Would you be willing to spend the rest of your days getting old and becoming senile with me?” The girl looked over to her mate, smiled and said, “It’s a possibility.”

  • A single brush of a hand against her cheek and the child once suffering from insomnia finally reveled in a long sleep filled with sweet dreams.

  • The desperadoes raced against the railroads, awaiting the opportune time to swing aboard the train and loot it for its worth.

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    The clown magnet up on the fridge. Why does it smile like that? Too-knowingly for my taste. A curve on one side, the other as if the grin was non-existent. I leave the room but I feel like it’s still staring at me.

  • The man in the shadows. He was carrying something. “What was it?” I wondered. I followed him to the very junkyard I would dumb my trash. With one heavy toss, he threw away his waste and left. Just before I was going to leave myself, I heard some rustling from the bag. . . But […]

  • The art materials laid scattered about on the floor, she could smell the scent of paint wafting as she made her way into the art room. To others, the smell might have made them run. But to her, it was a second home.

  • I guess this isn’t helping you : all the times I’ve walked by. With those posters, you’re making music, man. So I guess today I’ll sit down beside you, with a cardboard cutout of my own little piece of my heart in a poem. I love the faces of people passing by, they think, “what […]

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    The fangs pierced her skin. She tried to run, but how could she? . . . The teeth were her own.

  • An adventure. Danger and glory! Fighting against all odds, discovering new worlds. This, my friends, is when legends are born, where they rise to a golden stand for all to see.

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    I loved you. I missed you. I liked you. I distanced myself from you because you distanced yourself from me. I sort of like you. I don’t care now. . .

    I’m glad it’s over.

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    I looked out the bay window to gaze at the serene garden. Sunflowers poked their heads on a sunny day. It was beautiful.

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    At the shore, I can swim, I can feel the waves around me. I can feel the soft sands in my toenails. I can feel the wind in my hair. I can feel your presence. It’s awesome.

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    I don’t have enough weeks to decide this one troubling thought : are you only a friend, or do I love you?

    I think the answer is clear : I love you.