• 99 red balloons…i could watch them float away forever. it means that there is somewhere else to go besides just here. earth isn’t all there is. it can’t be. there is so much more to live for than just what’s […]

  • is that all we are? Just tiny ants in a humongous universe? No. We are so much more than that. We are humans with a purpose. We are here for a reason. We are here to change the world and bring people who need […]

  • a game i used to love…a game that used to give me a way to imagine i was something of a spy…i used to play that game like it was my job…it was my childhood…clue…a game of chance…a game of spies…a […]

  • i used to love the carnival. every summer i would go on the last day and ride the ferris wheel with my best friend. he and i would wish to get to the top everytime. we never did. the final summer we went together, […]

  • the oil spill that happened in Alabama last year was devastating. I was lucky enough to be able to see the Gulf Shores a year after it happened. The South recovered so quickly from this tragedy and is still as beautiful as ever.

  • God calls me and beckons me to do his will. As of what his will is? That I am not quite sure of. I know I have been called to work with kids but is that it? What else can I do? Right now… I do not know. But I will do what ever God […]

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    some hearts they just get all the right breaks. some hearts have the stars on their side. some hearts they just have it so easy. some hearts just get lucky sometimes….my heart…well its as lucky as can be <3

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    what is left? nothing really. i have a great life to live and people to live it with. that is all i need. it doesn’t matter what is left. i have everything i need and everything i’ll ever want. sure i would love to be rich and famous, but i don’t need it. i have […]

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    i love music. an orchestra fills my mind every day of my life. when i have a loss for words or feel like the world is crashing down on me, i let the orchestra in my mind take over. i let the music fill me up and save me. music has saved me more times […]

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    icicles are beginning to form. they look so dangerous and so hurtful. but when you look more closely you see something beautiful. a drop of water created something so massive and lovely. each individual snowflake contributed to larger whole. it is something beautiful found in something so dangerous. maybe that means we can find something […]

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    at the beginning with you….i don’t even know how to tell how i feel. it has been such a short time and yet i feel like i’ve known you forever. you have been there for me and i for you, and tonight you finally told me everything that i needed to know. you are my […]

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    i take so many pictures but never have time to make prints. those are memories i may never grasp…but i hope to one day make many prints to show my kids and grandkids <3 those prints are my past…their future… <3

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    i love autumn. it is a time of change. everything can start over again. not only beautiful it is peaceful. i love autumn because it symbolizes me…a beautiful change…..autumn is me <3

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    i set off an alarm once. i was in kindergarten and we were cooking for thanksgiving dinner before break. my job was to help my teacher cook the potatoes. i was supposed to sit in a chair and tell her if they were done. well i fell asleep in that chair and they burned…causing smoke….there […]

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    my car has tires. it gets me places. but sometimes i wish it could take me farther. i want to go so many places, but i can’t. i can’t always go where i want to. but i know if i ever had too, my car has tires and i could get there….somewhere…with my tires…. <3

  • love is a combination of patience and passion. not everything can go how you want it, and love is the prime example of that. you need passion to have patience and you need patience to have passion. not everything can be perfect….but love is the closest you can get. sometimes a combination is the best […]

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    what is profound? can anything ever really be THAT profound? You make yourself profound. If the most profound thing you can say or do is make chicken soup then you yourself are profound in your own way. profoundness is to each his own <3 be profound! <3

  • i am passionate about many things. but the thing i am most passionate about is passion. i love so many people and try not to hate. i enjoy telling the man i love that i love him knowing that i do not need to give him anything to hear it back except for the fact […]

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    how ironic. you told me the other day that you loved me and i told you i loved you too. neither of us had ever told anyone that we loved them in that way…but we told each other that. i can see you being mine…i can see you being my husband and me your wife. […]

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    sacrifice was a word i never really understood growing up. and then someone proved to me that sacrifice was real. my mother has been there for me everyday of my life. when things for me were terrible and seemed to never get any better, she made it better. she sacrificed everything for me and ill […]