• The pillow for was massive. Begining in the living room and snaking out into the kitchen and hallway, it created a new world to explore and imagine; a safe haven of soft cushions and warm fabric that proteted from the sharpness of the world.

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    the terrain was haggard and torn; years of harsh winds and little rain had cracked the ground in deep chasams that ran on and on and on.

  • Attuned to the faintest sound of his breath against the pillow, you slowy shift to face him. You breathe in, then out. You still think you’re deaming when he cracks and eye open and pecks a chaste kiss against your lips.

  • The elegance of the world swirled around them, consuming the thoughts of destruction that had chased them from birth. This, they knew, was what it was like to be alive.

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    The neon lights shone brightly in the night, illuminating his hair as he walked quickly and silently down the coblestone street. He looked around the ally and slid in, hiding in the saddows and slipping aound obstacles in his path.
    Pushing greasy strands from his eyes he reached his final destination, cursing the bell on the door that announced…[Read more]

  • eternally,
    they whispered.
    and always.
    never regret
    we’ll come

  • the tales he could tell,
    from mountains to valleys,
    tundra to desert,
    he could tell them all.

    from up in the sky,
    to the depths of the sea.
    from the adventures of space,
    to the core of the earth,
    he always had a tale to tell.

    fascinating adults
    and children alike,
    his voice washed over them,
    and made them feel at home.

    like an…[Read more]

  • she returned home.
    to the place
    she loved most,
    where she was safe,
    where everything
    was as it should be.
    and calm.
    it was right,
    but something
    was wrong.

  • the falmes roared around,
    licking up the walls,
    eating everything in their path,
    finding everyone at some point.

  • sentenced without trial,
    they lived in their
    taking the joy
    of holding their lover’s
    if only in a dream,
    to take away the

  • the car stalled.
    the rain poured.
    head bowed,
    tears fell.
    no more
    no more

    no more.

  • she turned and saw
    somehow so, so
    those fingers.
    then she felt
    pressure, and nothingness.
    a gasp escaped her lips
    as she grasped at the air.

    she was falling,
    and there wasn’t any hope anymore
    of her saving herself.
    she was doomed,
    cursed to fall
    to her end.

    curious, though.
    she…[Read more]

  • just a little farther,
    just a little bit more,
    pushing closer, closer,
    willing it to be over and finished

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    she played the notes perfectly,
    naturals, sharps, and flats together
    to produce a haunting melody
    that flowed through the halls,
    moving some to tears,
    but leaving before she could be found…

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    abandoning all sense of time and space,
    reality fades away to reaveal something
    much more wonderful and amazing,
    soaking our thoughs with dreams and desires,
    imaginaion is what makes our own realaliies.

  • find our way through the dark,
    guid us to our goal,
    feel the weight on your shoulders,
    our journey has only begun,
    let’s keep going.

  • I presented my light,
    my laugh,
    my smile,
    and heart.
    on a platter.

    you turned them all away
    seeing them
    as nothing more than mud
    from your shoes.

    so now I shall present you
    my darkness,
    my rage,
    my smirk,
    and roar.
    cruelly, messilly,
    through bloodshed.

    for what they say is true;
    hell hath no fury
    like a…[Read more]

  • it was
    as tears
    fell down
    her face

    into the
    for pains
    long ago

    it was
    when she
    fell away.

  • nothing is ever simple.
    not with life.
    messing with us
    screwing us over
    punching us in the face.
    reminding us
    who really
    makes a difference.

    sun and daffodils?
    might as well make life
    punch you harder
    having a little fun
    doing what needs to be done
    always a

  • higher, higher, higher,
    we go!
    soaring through clouds
    wind in our hair
    sun on our faces
    let’s do this again sometime.