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    The rumble from inside the mountain was enough to make the fighting stop. Warriors from both sides turned, shocked, to see the mountain shake above them.

    “Well sh&%.”

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    “Don’t hate me, I’m just the messenger,” he muttered, shuffling his feet.
    Exasperated, she huffed and turned to face him.
    “Fine, I know, and you are right- it isn’t your fault.”

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    Allison noticed that Caleb nodded and smiled and gave a couple of responses that night, but no doubt his mind was elsewhere. H he was too distracted to pay enough attention to know much more than the topic of conversation. As for the food itself, he ate none of it, instead shuffling the food around his plate.

    What Allison didn’t know, is that…[Read more]

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    The orange traffic cones lay in disarray around the parking lot. The teacher, Mr. Henrickson, turned wearily to face a student who was sheepishly sliding out of the rusty weathered truck.

    “Not quite how what I meant by ease off the clutch,” Mr. Henrickson sighed, running one hand through the wisps on his balding head. “Although I guess this…[Read more]

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    He chose that specific word, Cara knew, so that she would not hope for anything more. Buddy. The word twisted the inside of her stomach. He had said it so casually, throwing it out in the air flippantly. Still, it made its mark on her.

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    Closing the door of her apartment behind her, she drops her bag onto the counter and slides off her shoes. Home.
    It had been a long day today, longer than usual. It was already 1 a.m. in the morning. Her shift, which was supposed to end at 9, went late when she covered for a friend.
    “Casey owes me big time,” Max grumbled, talking to…[Read more]

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    She hated any type of firearm. I knew that, it was glaringly obvious. She couldn’t look at any gun without flinching, she couldn’t touch a gun to save her life. It was secretly one of the reasons I had come to love her so much. She truly was amazing. I had proposed not two months ago.
    “Why should anyone use violence to fix a problem? Why use a…[Read more]

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    You train your whole life. You are 26. You’ve never had a drink of anything but water. You’ve never had anything with any sugar. You have only ever known a life of work and sweat. You only know what it is to push.
    You travel half way across the world, you are signed up for a race that really can’t last more than eleven seconds.
    Your trainer…[Read more]

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    I pride myself in the fact that I have rarely ever taken any selfies.
    I’ve never liked them, mostly because I didn’t particularly like any pictures which included my face.
    But now he is gone, off in some strange land with a strange culture, and I was left with nothing, not a single picture to remember his face.
    Not a single picture to help my…[Read more]

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    He was man of balance. He had centered his word completely on the immaterial. And then he lost people. A lot of people.

    The man he became after that was someone he could never recognize. If people dies so often anyways, why did it matter if he took over why they passed away?

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    They snuck out late into the night and took what they could carry. They never took anything valuable enough to be missed. Small portions of food, jugs of water. Clothes or blankets from garages. They never took anything of tangible value. But for the families that did recognize the absence of food or material, the thieves stole the most valuable…[Read more]