• an image is worth a thousand words so why not take images and then add words on top

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    her grandmother had a necklace with a clasp so small you could hardly put it together
    when she died, she gave it to her daughter, but her daughter didn’t wear jewelry so it lay in the box for years until one day she gave it to her daughter. She didn’t wear jewelry either.

  • He stepped into the elevator just as a local bluegrass musician stepped out. The outside pocket of her violin case was partially unzipped, exposing an original score of Kentucky fusion.

  • Materials procedure conclusion plus more. Science is life. Science is fair. Judgement? Science fair. Do I love Science Fair as much as I love science? Perhaps not as science could be an unstructured foray into unknown whereas science fair is follow this patter get results. But science needs structure, repeatability. Not at all life.

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    He always skipped the number five. It was too round, too mainstream (although he was only two, his parents were hipsters.) It made for difficulties when he entered preschool but the teachers soon learned that, like another counting system had been developed, they just had to subtract one from whenever he said there were six or more.

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    I am living. I am alive. What is being alive? If I cannot see I am alive. If I cannot hear I am alive. If I can see and hear but cannot thing am I alive? What if I am furniture?

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    To be himself is a lie. He is always happy to other people, he is always fake. I used to love him but never could I trust him. I thought perhaps he was my friend until I saw that he is everyone’s friend and I was one just one more person who thought he was cool.

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    Each morning I don’t rise with the sun. I fall out of bed with one arm splayed across the alarm clock’s “off” button and the other in front of my eyes to shield away the glaring light.

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    Walking past something from my past. I passed her as she parsed the Times, searching for photos to clip. She used to send them to me, now she sends them to her father. We haven’t spoken in thirteen months.

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    Under the counter in the kitchen is where my mom hides all the sweets from my dad. He is trying to lose weight for health reasons and isn’t very good at resisting cookies. Sometimes I’m just as bad as he used to be about eating them though.

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    Ten years ago, “locavore” wasn’t even a word and now it is about the highest you can get on the hipster scale. Not to say it isn’t good for the earth to only eat locally-produced food because it cuts down transportation costs. Progress amazes me.

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    I used to want to be a librarian. When the librarians came to school to read books, I listened to the words, but I focused on the glasses and the voice. I wanted glasses like the librarian glasses and when I went home, I would practice the voice.