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    luchadorlavender - - "Crafty heartache and whirlwinds go. Sick of the wrongs and you not letting it go. Twisted all the ick into some sick show. Magically throwing shade to all that the sun has tried to […]"View
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    redlippedraven - - "do you smell the summer air? do you stop and let the cool breeze through your hair? or do you wait for your day to shine? or are you waiting for a certain time? would you rather sit in the dark and let your mind drift through the tunnels of the murky part in your mind.. if youre like me you you are both the darkness and the brightness. If you are like me you the wrong and the rightness. If you are like me you are your own and own yourself if you are like me, you are not, because i am myself. i am the scared feeling when you walk alone at night. i am the thrill you get before you jump i am the swift thin branches that rest upon a dreary tree. i am the midnight. for i am […]"View
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