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    She was the wall beside me,
    around me,
    everywhere I took myself to.
    She became the pavement
    my tears fell onto,
    she was the drops of the fountain
    that sprayed me.
    She was and she
    became everyone I talked to.
    Soon, she was no more, but all I saw.

  • Nightawait commented on the post, laughing 2 years, 10 months ago

    The ones that make your stomach hurt. It reaches your eyes and mine. It’s dizzying how good it feels. You make ma forget everything whole. For a moment, we are whole. It comes in equal waves, these moments to match the bad. They are everywhere. Sometimes I lose sight of them, so you take my hand and guide me here. But I can’t find you these days.…[Read more]

  • Today, my heart had wings for two seconds, and I had the faint feeling of may-be-we-could-be, this hopeful yet absolutely hopeless hope. I thought for 2 seconds about him. But I know I am the dull craters while he is the moon. I am nothing in comparison. And my heart became still again.

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    I look on,
    There’s no gazing here.
    No dreamy eyes or rueful wishing.
    Everything is still.
    Not glazed over or
    romantic in any way.
    They look at me funny as I stand there,
    pretend dreaming,
    walking past me
    my past before me
    and behind me
    tearing into me
    keeping me still and

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    She told me lies. Wrapped in beautiful words of friendship. Fingertips interlaced mine. Our bony hug bringing our hearts together– but in reality, we were far from it. She was headed to infinity and I was headed toward nothing but reality. It was a fantasy we lost in our on-the-surface-conversations, our no-eye-contact glances… and now she is a…[Read more]

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    rip my clothes off. drum down the walls off my soul. see right through me and you’ll hate me.

  • Nightawait commented on the post, meanwhile 6 years, 2 months ago

    it took my breath away. i waited the entire day, and now, here i was in this intricate little place where there seemed to be nothing to hold me down. i was being pulled in every direction/

    and they were on their way

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    Its easy to believe in what they hold up

    Easy to look up and smile
    and scream at everything inside
    the fire is wreching
    and the days are raining

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    you’re doing all these things to sell that you’re alright. that you’re okay. It seems that everybody can buy anything, cause no one stood there to read the small print, the small creases on your forehead, the small things thing son your face. so you may be a good salesman. but to me, your average. you’re worse than average cause I saw right through you.

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    the concrete armor that floats around me every time I speak. but. I get too attached to all these people, and it still stands. how do you explain that, dearest wall that so typically prevents the heart from getting close?

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    logical processes through which we find the supposed solution we were doomed to find in the first place. and then there are those; the complex natured structures that we can never quite completely rap our heads around. how I wish, you would try to comprehend just may be a fraction of an inch of what was in mine.

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    I was convinced. certain that nothing else could save me except him. His arms around me would hold me together until I was whole again. His lips were the only ones that could dry these tears, and he was all I wanted. A year ago, I wouldn’t have been so convicted in my choice. but here I was.

    even with that strange emotion.

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    I raised my head just a little, to see nothing but the same things i saw yesterday and the day before that… how I long for the moment I can stem out and finally see the blue-gray ceiling, sapphire in its vastness, that everyone else walks under and seems not to understand.

  • Nightawait commented on the post, mass 7 years, 4 months ago

    Her heart weights a tonne
    As she blinks through every day
    it won’t go away

  • Nightawait commented on the post, stillness 7 years, 5 months ago

    i watch someone else’s arms hug me, trying to hold me together
    im afraid of what i am… who i am

    im holding on so tight, it slips away

    where are your petals?

    its precise […]

  • Nightawait commented on the post, methods 7 years, 6 months ago

    lost and desperate
    hoping to be magnanimous

    and then it begins, as i see
    shrivels of hope,
    beams of light,
    staffs of red
    the irony
    the ivory colour of your eyes
    the sensation, the desire
    as the seconds […]

  • ill try to follow it exactly
    word for word
    the mechanical approach
    just as you wanted
    just as you asked
    cause it wouldn’t matter to me
    it would only matter to you
    it should be precise to the last […]

  • Nightawait commented on the post, minute 7 years, 8 months ago

    these little words
    traveling across the page
    like little birds

    am I crazy to think
    I could walk along with them

    not the same as what you are
    not what they see

    could I be?
    would you let me… […]

  • Nightawait commented on the post, emptying 7 years, 8 months ago

    that used to be mine, what you’re holding. yeah, that.
    what are you looking at? I wasn’t really speaking to you. It was something I wanted to say, but was too afraid to, so please just look away.
    It doesn’t […]

  • Nightawait commented on the post, hassle 7 years, 9 months ago

    walking past him
    and her
    and all of them

    i just want out
    and in
    all the same

    is that such a sin… why cant I cant have it?