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    the coumpound was big, bigger than i ever imagined. The gates were higher, reaching the sky and blocking the light of the sun, unlike that of which my father told me in my childhood. This was real life… this was prison. How lucky of me, how very very lucky of me.

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    The cave was dark, the rain was falling outside making the splish-splash sound that scared Catherine. She could hear the trees banging against the side of the cave, her imagination playing tricks on her because there was no way a tree could make a sound against the sides of the cave.

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    The only time that Dean ever mentioned love was when he was eating something. A cheeseburger or a pie at most times would elicit such a response from Dean. Castiel wished that one day he would make that particular word come out of Dean’s mouth as well. But it was a hard thing to do, especially when there was nothing going on between the two of…[Read more]