• He sat at the bar staring into his drink. It was a rusty brown, clear and acidic. He had seen this exact scenario in a hundred films, drinking away troubles. He felt out of place in his suit and fancy tie, but this was the cliche for his particular situation. As he stared into the […]

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    Tastes sweet. Like sugar, she replied. It was just one kiss. Before supper. You wait until after, she said, if you want dessert.

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    Average. I’ve tried so hard to be anything but. I lie to make myself seem different, I try so hard to be memorable. I don’t want to be average. I don’t want to be forgotten. And as I’m lying here on my bedroom floor, I realize, I am just like every other over-emotional confused gay […]

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    Rawr. Halloween was last night. I woke up near 10, still in a bit of a dizzy state from the frenzy the night before. I still had in my vampire fangs, still wore my barber-cape-turned-Dracula-cloak. Still was surrounded by the boxes of scary movies and empty candy wrappers. The proof of a life well-spent, I […]

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    Sailboats. Freedom. They go where they wish, driven by the wind. I have a box of ashes. I toss them, when the going gets bad. Where the winds blow them, I follow. I’m like a sailboat. Lost. Freedom is never what one truly desires. Never what I truly desire. I desire home. But I am […]

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    It had been weeks since the accident. I sat curled in the corner. 27 days to the day. My mom entered the room and took one look at me. “You look as if you’d seen a ghost!” My eyes widened as I looked up at her. Time couldn’t erase what I’d seen.

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    Whiskers. it’s amazing, I watched my cat yesterday. He feels with them, judges whether or not he can make that jump, crawl under that sofa. He’s so cute. So oddly, roughly cute. So daring, so strange, so full of spirit, so cute.

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    Octopus. Octopi. Octopuses. I stared at my blank exam. How was I supposed to remember how to pluralize it, and when was I ever going to use this? I let out a sigh, more audibly than intended. “Psst” I looked up at the boy next to me who gave me a smile and mouthed the […]

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    I took my seat and looked nervously out the window. “I’m afraid of flying” I admitted to the middle-aged woman to my right. I giggled to hide my nerves. She replied curtly. “Did you know, 1 in every 5 airplanes crashes?” I turned a faded shade of green and clenched the armrest.

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    I hugged myself close in the soft fabric of his sweater. I pressed my nose to it and inhaled. It smelled of vanilla just like him. I couldn’t stop the smile crossing my face. Quietly I tiptoed back to the bed and slipped between the sheets and nestled close to him. I was keeping this […]

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    The rustle in the bushes, couldn’t be a bear. I reminded myself as I waked through the dark woods that bears didn’t come near civilization. A distant howl at the moon. Suddenly I wished for the rustle to be something bigger than that howl. I hated the dark.

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    The sheets are scratchy. I feel them against my back. This is everything I wanted and the sheets are scratchy. I sigh and lean back, bracing myself. I want this. I want this. I want you. I love you. Why is this wrong? This is everything I wanted..