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    “hhhhheeelllllppppp!” I scream till my lung are blown out and the pain comes back. The well turns dark as night sets in. Its going to be too cold to sleep on the stones tonight. My weekly basket of food is half […]

  • My asthma constricts my lungs making it harder to breath. I need to keep going. The hunters are behind me and closing fast. I have six shots left in my pistol but i also have my bat. not enough to slow one let […]

  • Steel is bound to steel as these monoliths are forged with last of our worlds natural resources. Men working 12 hour rotating shifts binding metal tireless together in intricately patterns to create the steel […]

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    These exercises flex the writing mind. It defines the writer, and weeds out the dedicated from the delusional. We are the writers who use this site to post how we think and how we feel without the fear of critique […]

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    Half of a dollar is more than I had yesterday. Being broke is fun, but being broke is annoying. More important though being broke is a way of life now. There is only half the middle class and half the jobs as […]

  • The methods of my madness are surgical and precise. I tend to approach a situation as though it was my life on the line. It has a hold of me as though it was my girl, staring her deeply into her eyes, loving every […]