• Migh, your rays of sunlight perish through the darkest of caves, vanquishing the evil skeletons and zombies, leaving behind their arrows and feathers. Alas, your magic does not work on the most vile of creatures.

    But still, we thank you for your warmth and wisdom.

  • I want to help you. Please, let me come closer and let me sort things out for you on a more personal level. I’d like to do anything I can to assist you, whatever you need. But… it’s so difficult to come over.

  • She watched him laugh, then she started to laugh too. Brent’s laughter always brought ot the best in Sasha. Sasha knew that Brent would be alright. It’s not often that a pilot can get the time off to relax. Brent really is the luckiest pilot in the Silver Skies.

  • “BARF!”, said Conan on the receiving end of one of Alex’s punches. “You Generic Dudes are a bunch of wimps. Go home!” Conan and the other Generic Dude gang members went home nursing their bruises and broken bones. Ryan smiled, “They’ll be back… oooh a nickel!”

  • The dragons are waiting. They want to see your invention but they won’t invest unless you give them a good enough reason. You have to back up your projected profits and cover all bases. If they like what you tell them, they’ll say yes and you’ll get your deal.

  • I’m walking up the stairs. There are thirteen steps. Why do I see the window open? Is it meant to be like that? Suddenly I remember, I closed that window to keep them out. If it’s open, that can only mean they managed to get in… I check the fridge, get the sub-machine gun on […]

  • Those fine creatures.
    With adorable features.
    I’d like to ride one sometime.
    That would be really fine.
    Horses are nice for everyone.
    Now let’s go and have fun!

  • Oh, you funny guys on Whose Line… You always pick a new hat and say something really funny. I wish I could make people laugh the same way you do, instead I have to do it the hard way and think of something really witty. I salute you guys!

  • Something you have to do, no matter what.
    Go out there and pour your heart out.
    But never let your emotions escape you.
    Keep yourself in check and do what you have to do.
    Be special and be unique.
    Be yourself.

  • Full of happiness, full of joy.
    Three wonderful little boys.
    They enjoy my company, and I enjoy theirs.
    Cuddling up like three cubby bears.

  • If you give me a raise, I will erase the bad.
    Sing me a song to make me less sad.
    Bring me the dreams I wish I had,
    Back when I was a lad.
    Oh, I am not glad.
    Thanks dad!

  • When I open my eyes, I see a tree,
    I think the tree is staring at me.
    It wants to be, what it just cannot be.
    For it will always, always be… a tree.

  • When someone gives you the attitude which makes you think, “How dare they such a thing!”. You start to wonder why they would say that, then you realise they are only joking with you, and you begin to laugh.

  • The place I go when I need time alone. Almost like an attic, but without so many words and with a much softer name. When I’m in my comfort zone, I feel like nothing can touch me. I am secure and I am safe. Only with security can you have peace of mind. This is […]

  • The moon it hovers in the sky.
    Not touched by them, you or I.
    Can we understand the light?
    From the moon, visible by night.

  • The absolute feeling of being in total bliss with another person. I am currently overjoyed to be with the one I love. To be able to reach them with my words wherever they are is a very good thing. I truly admire that person and I want to be with them as long as I […]