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    It was smoky. A quarter to two…two am. I wanted to cry. I was so tired. My eyes burned from the smoke. It saturated my clothes, my mouth, my mind. It was all I could think about. Until I saw him…across the room. He was playing billiards, a cigar tucked idly in his lips. Suddenly it wasn’t so smoky, suddenly I felt like playing billiards…

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    She was the dominant one in the relationship. You could see that a mile away. Funny how outsiders can see things so much better than the people involved. Simple things. Yet important things. Things that will […]

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    I lost control that night. For the first time. It was windy and dark. I was driving too fast, the music was too loud, and I didn’t spot the glow of headlights coming over the hill. It was a dirt road…with freshly placed loose gravel. I swerved, fought for control, fishtailed all over the road. […]

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    I used to collect keychains. Small and large, puppies, kittens, crystals, and cheap plastic ones. I still have them, in a dusty box of forgotten childhood treasures.

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    I dropped the glass on the floor and it shattered into a million pieces. Deceptively beautiful, the jagged shards strewn about the kitchen floor glittered in the golden afternoon sunlight. It was like standing among a thousand stars.

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    You gotta love them. Those cackling, gossiping, hugging and overly-inquisitive group of relatives who always show up only at weddings and funerals. They want to know everything about you in a five minute span, and then spend the rest of the time regaling you with pictures and storries of your 3rd cousin once removed that […]

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    I meant to tell him. I wanted to tell him. But somehow every time I tried…I got sidetracked. First he seemed busy and I needed his full attention before I told him. Then the next day at lunch, our server seemed ultra attentive…the chatty sort that wants to ask about your day and tell you […]

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    I miss the endless summer days of my childhood. When every day is golden and warm, and the grass is green and soft under bare feet. I miss splashing in a crystal clear pool, taking rambling walks through golden fields and long naps on hot afternoons under a cool fan. I miss the feeling that […]

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    I was on the verge of sleep, drifting in and out of wakefulness when something tickled my chest. The fan was on and I assumed it was simply an errant strand of my long dark hair. I ran a hand over my chest, halfheartedly, hoping I got it. Darn, no I didn’t…now it was tickling […]