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    The turbine shuddered and sparked in a vain attempt to start.

    “Come on!” Kate muttered, covered in the grease of her work, and hopelessly disheveled. “Work already, damn you!”

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    He watched the pouring rain from behind the warmth and comfort of his living room window.

    It was strange though. He didn’t *want* it. Didn’t want warmth and comfort.

    Some part of him wanted to be out in the […]

  • I gaze out at the astounding architecture of London with no little amount of awe.

    I have never seen buildings so old before.

    Where I come from the buildings are never more than a couple of hundred years […]

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    haha… All I can think is “all your base are belong to us.” XD I guess that speaks greatly to just how geeky I – and my friends – are. Amazing though, how one word can trigor such a specific thought, almost […]

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    Backspace, huh? *laughs* Well, that’s a button I press often enough. In fact, I use it pretty much all the time. I’m terrible for in-process editing, which is why I’ve signed up for this little website. Trying to […]

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    Romance, huh? Beautiful, ideal thing. But not always what I really want from a partner. Romance is nice, is lovely really, but I’d rather have friendship. Easy companionship and laughter. And, yes, good sex. […]

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    She was outgoing in a way that made things awkward more often than not. She lacked filters and any sense of other people’s personal space. She was, in fact, so ‘outgoing’ that it ceased to be a positive trait and […]

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    It was a bit like tasting a badly made drink. Just a bit too strong. Too much for the taste buds. Not that she didn’t like her alcohol but… well, this wasn’t about alcohol now was it?