• “What? What? Why are you always picking on me? using words I don’t understand? You’re always putting me down. I hate this. I hate coming home to you. I think I hate you. I think I want a divorce. Do I look […]

  • I was tired of being the one who left behind. Tired of being the one everyone else laughed at. The one who was scared of mirrors. The one who stayed at home on Saturday night.
    Then, I killed her. Swan. And now […]

  • It was all out of shape. She was supposed to get married and live happily ever after. Not sit here, day after day, wondering if she’d still be married the next morning. Wondering if today was the day her husband […]

  • The sun beat down on her. She took out her handkerchief to wipe the sweat from her brow. And once again cursed her stupid formative years.
    I could have been a contender. I could have had a nice cushy desk job. […]

  • Of lights. Of the smell of burning paper. Of sweets. Of something that was supposed to be the triumph of good over evil. And each year, was the triumph of peer pressure and societal norms over common sense. He […]

  • She snorted with laughter, too caught to care that coffee was dripping down her nose.
    Good fences make good neighbours indeed.
    Thank God for Terry Pratchett.

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    Her mother’s bag flapped open again. She looked at it, tired of it. Tired of all the people around. Tired of all the condolences. It felt like nothing would ever be the same again. Like after a day is over, you never get that day back. She looked at people talking, about how it was […]

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    That’s who I’ll end up with. Who I’ll compromise with. If at all. Someone with no personality, no sense of humour, no charm. Who’s as bland as baby food. And worse coloured. It’s the biggest fear of my life. That and lizards.

  • I don’t know which way to go anymore. I’m lost. And every single thing seems to be a mirage. Depression and anxiety are waiting in the wings. There’s no way forward. There’s no way back. I wonder if I should beckon to death to come get me. No one else seems to want me.

  • Life is unfair. Life is hard. Life is always wanting something so badly, and then may be getting it when it doesnt mean anything anymore. Life is confusing. Life is being poor when you need to be rich and being rich when you need to be healthy. Life makes you suicidal. And the worst part […]

  • She sat there. Ashamed. Scared. Almost hopeful. May be this would be the time? “She’s very smart,” said Adila Bibi. “She’s the centerpiece of my collection. My girls. And the most expensive.” The man smiled. He could afford it. And her.

  • He breathed in, and out slightly. Sometimes you couldnt even be sure if he was breathing, it was that slight. She sighed. The doctors kept saying he was stable. But she wasnt sure what that word meant anymore.

  • She hated everything. She hated life itself. As she slouched in the chair, her uncle fell down from the sofa behind her. Later, they said it was an attack. Later, she would hate everything even more.

  • Fall. Leaves. Orange. Happiness. Bouncing into raked leaves. A drip of ice cream running down your hand. Your dad throwing you up in the air. Abstract art. Cheese on toast. Smiles. Laughing till it hurts. Your mom cuddling you at night.

  • She picked it up.So strange. This world was so different. You’d never get water to stay put like this at home. She licked the object. And realised that her tongue was stuck. She started to scream. But no one could hear. Even her dragon breath couldn’t melt the icicle.

  • There was the chicken. The egg. The big bang. The black hole. Love. Hate. Jealousy. They’re all still around. Love and hate and jealousy are bigger now. He knew. He’d cut her wrist because of jealousy. Her neck because of hate. And of course, he’d blamed love. It was the beginning. Of the end.