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    Before I see her coming up behind me I wish for something more than this desolation. I think that I am all alone in the world and she is merely a mirage, a myopic vision that extends into the air but not into my heart. But then I turn and her face shines right at […]

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    Thinking through problems is something I do on a regular basis. Wandering the halls of a labyrinthine mind I feel not puzzled at the entanglement but thrilled by the power to question without opposition. I am make to question; I live to question. Puzzled cannot keep me from seeking new knowledge.

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    Away from home I am thrilled, not frightened. As many turn to me for guidance in this foreign land I reach out so tenderly, caressing words I had learned in theory but never practiced on the hardened ears of native speakers. Suddenly my ability to be one with the world around me took flight and […]

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    Automatons. I learned that word today and it thrills me. I love words and so I will spend my life devoted to words. Teaching them, examining them, loving them, writing them, that can be my life if I want it to be.

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    The bitter burn as it slides down my throat snakes out into my aching limbs and down to my curled toes. I can’t take the heat, can’t take the smell or the taste or the sting of its touch. Yet she told me it would be ok, told me this was my fate, so I […]

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    I sit watching the people pass me by, seeking out technology much younger than me. I suffer from mildew, dust, and loneliness, even with my brothers on my side. They speak of different adventures that mine – dragons, magic, love, hate – but I can’t relate. What’s a philosopher going to do?

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    I taste you once but that is not enough. I thirst to see the thin flesh over your bony face, thirst for your sweet lips and coursing red blood that connects a heart pure as brass with mine, even more tainted than your bittersweet soul. You and I can be together

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    I see the top before me, rising majestically into a clear sky. The cold hasn’t caught up with me yet; the trees and rocks still shelter my battered form. I hear the wind move the world around me and see the blue crests of mountains out into the distance. My determination has not wavered and […]

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    Holding hands as we walk down the hallowed halls, ignoring the whispers and the stares, knowing that being together is quite enough, I feel connected palm to palm, heart to heart. I have all the world in my grasp when our fingers entwine. Being by your side is enough for my love.

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    That which surrounds us is really just empty space. You may think you see smoke or twinkling stars of the face of your loved ones but really there’s nothing there at all. If you took all the nothing and added it up, side by side, you would realize how unimportant your problems are because, in […]

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    When I hike I feel a sense of purpose, beyond just finishing the 46. I feel that I have to climb to the top to be worthy, to attain the level of grand master climber. My purpose is to be like my dad, like Kenny, like Sharpe, like all the other climbers who came before […]

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    For so many years I trusted her because I had no one else to trust. I needed a friend who would stay by my side no matter what. But time after time she betrays my trust and breaks my heart. Why do I keep running into this trap? I want my friend back, the infallible […]

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    This is the age of easy, the age of bright and shiny, where I forget the basic skills of clockwork that I learned in elementary school. The digital age gets me ahead of my peers but leaves me far behind in social skills as I sit behind a glowing screen reading web comics instead of […]

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    I see only the first row but I know they span out into the wings like mountains span out to the horizon in the Adirondacks. I sing not for the ripples and tides of unemotional watching faces but to elevate my own spirit. The audience’s happiness is not as important as my own.

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    Black and white. Canary yellow. A leather jacket. Red pumps. Stilettos. A white button up shirt. All the styles that have lasted throughout the years are never as classic as a true smile.

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    For a good time call 6373463 – the structure of my life. Timing each speech to the second and wishing for for a moment more. Every weekend, four or five times that day. I have my structure – how about you?

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    Like a great fabric of time and space we reach towards each other and time rolls forward. The black hole that is my mind stretches to encompass your soul and consumes it with indescribable amounts of love and affection. I love you because we are two threads woven together at the heart.

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    I look at a piece of paper differently than I look at the computer screen or a blank canvass. I envision the work differently, I see different strokes of my arm. While my approach to creation changes with the medium, my approach to creativity itself remains the same. I try to keep an open mind […]

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    Policy debate is a fallacy. Take as many cards as you can, stick them in as fast as you can, spew out words faster than the ear can hear them. Or, come up with a convoluted reason why you don’t actually have to answer the prompt. It’s okay, it’s not like they take time writing […]

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    Round. Is that a shape? I guess. It’s what I think of when I think of her. Smooth curves kissed by rounded shirts and spiked with sparkles that are totally outshined dfadf