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    The wings weren’t the first things I noticed. Instead, it was his eyes. The angelic feathered wings poking out of his back were actually the last thing that I noticed. But those eyes of his. Those grey, green eyes that looked like the sea after a storm. The eyes that could look dead and alive at the same time.

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    It started as I walked into the room. Everything was quiet as the door opened, but as soon as it shut behind me, the music started. It wasn’t in the room, but it seemed more like it was in my own ears. I wasn’t entirely sure if the one other person in the room could hear the same thing that I could. He wasn’t reacting. He just, sat.

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    The sketch pad still lay on the desk where Damian had left it. Not drawn in since 2006, he decided to flip through the pages. The first page was a picture of a forest, but if you looked closely at the background, a strange figure stood there. Damian laughed, he remembered drawing it, though he couldn’t remember the inspiration.

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    I looked out the large window in the front room. It was dark outside, but the headlights on the car made it possible to see. The car pulled out of the driveway and down the street it drove. It was over. She was […]

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    The sun pours through the opened window. What a wonderful thing to wake up to on your first morning officially married. You look over and see her. Still asleep, head pressed against the pillow. Her hair is a mess, […]

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    I spread the curtain and stepped inside the small booth. Levers sat in front of me. Names on silver plates lay below the levers. I reached one and grabbed, the metal was warmer than my hands. I thought about the […]

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    “Truth or dare?” I sat in the basement of one of the boys in school. It was my first party. I was only in seventh grade. I had gotten here not five minutes earlier and we were already playing games my parents […]

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    The door swung closed.
    “Its too early for this shit, Goodwin.” A fat balding man sat behind a desk with his hands clasped in front of his mouth.
    “I’ll just be going then.” I quickly turned around to open the […]

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    I stood on the stage, the bright lights blinded me, but I could still see the full house. I looked ridiculous. My hair up in a stupid wig, a blond that differed from my usual brown. A blue dress with puffed […]

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    They stood in a line in front of us. “It’s simple Mrs. Johnson. Just pick the man who killed your son.” She stood wide eyed for a moment before she lifted a shaking finger and pointed.
    “H-him. That one.”

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    I dropped the knife. “No. What have I done?!” My cell phone still lay on the side walk. I ran to it and made my call. “She’s hurt! Save her!” I scream through my tears. Soon the ambulance arrives.