• Bowling. It makes me focused. All I see are the pins, the heavy ball in my hand, the sweat that has lathered on my forehead, and the pairs of eyes that are all on me – watching my every move. Bowling. It makes me focused. My grip on the ball loosens, and I plunge it forwards, hearing it as it moves across the laminate, polished floors. Then, I…[Read more]

  • I’m a planter. I plant memories in your heads, until you become confused little critters, searching the nooks and crannies for little crumbs of bread. I’m a planter. I plant happiness in your heads when I so choose, then you wear smiles over your faces, big flashy, brazen smiles, and ostentatiously you act, showing the other being beside you with…[Read more]

  • To a beginning there’s always an end. Molly knew it was near. Her feet scampered across the cold ground as she neared the kitchen, glancing here and there to find any traces of the man she had thought she had known for these past five years. She was wrong. Completely wrong on her assumption. Argus had turned out to be the complete opposite of what…[Read more]

  • Experience all there is love, for moments like these will never come again. The time for love is gone, pet – but there is always the pretense of it being there. Perhaps, it was never there to begin with, but it’s rather more soothing to think it had once, long ago – at least, that’s how I see it, when I read books from the days of yore. The soun…[Read more]

  • He sits down before her, where he had placed the large suitcase a few days ago, cross-legged. There’s a faint glimmer in his eyes before he brushes the strands that have fallen from her bun from her paled face. “It’ll be okay,” he says, trying his best to soothe her. “They’re not going to come. I assure you, mon cherie. Listen,” he goes on,…[Read more]

  • There’s too many methods to take. Shall I take this path or that? My minds goes awry, and numb. There’s too much sensory input. Oh god. Where am I heading? My thoughts are not in harmony with my actions.

    I act cold.


    And Dry.

  • To say ‘both’ is a lie. For, in reality there is only one. There’s no such things as two pairs. For instance, grab a shoe. There is only one shoe, though it may be accompanied by another identical pair. However, we find it necessary to wear both shoes, or else our feet will get wounded if we walk bare-footed over the hellish pavements society has…[Read more]

  • Employees of the state. We’re nothing more than robots, and we’re oblivious to their control over us. Paranoia. Conspiracies. It’s running loose, all over the world – people unsatisfied with their lives, blaming their unhappiness on authority, the government, and those sitting higher up on the ladder… when I, the rich, have done nothing. I ha…[Read more]

  • You’re drawn to the peculiar man who leans next to the dusty brick walls of the dim alleyway you’ve somehow found yourself in. He throws a smile your way, beneath his top-hat, you find mischievous and deep-set blue eyes, they’re a bit lopsided, but they add to its depth and beauty. You feel as though you’ve known this man, standing before you with…[Read more]

  • I am of no use. Just a little clump of accidental creation, some say. We’re all just nothing in the grand scale of things. Little organisms trying to find meaning in this vast ever-expanding space. We live in this little blue dot that seems so magnificent, large and ever-mysterious. We’ll never know the truth – and we’ll never find the answers t…[Read more]

  • I am not interested in listening to your excuses. You lie and lie, and then think I’ll fall for the poisonous words you’ve charmed with your sweet and velvety voice. I am not your possession. I do not belong to you. Why then? Why then do I fall down to your feet, worshiping you!

    Who are you?

    You are not my master.

    I make my own life. I…[Read more]

  • Which steps must one take to reach their goals? There are so many avenues I can take in order to reach what I desire, but the problem is I don’t really know what it is I yearn for. The world harbours millions of things that spark my interest, but at the same time – I am so dreadfully apathetic to everything I come across. Nothing interests me. It…[Read more]