• Wearing his red uniform, the officer stood at the front door with a stern, cold expression on his face. The very appearance of oppression. “Might I come in to talk?”

  • I entered the hallowed halls of the court of the King of the North, and found myself in awe of the rich, ornate furnishings throughout.

  • A hundred men stood upon the battle field, surrounded by a thousand spectators – all in it to see blood spilled upon the ground, a show of blood, guts, and bravery. The life of each gladiator was in the hands of the emperor.

  • She sat at her desk across the hall from mine; but our eyes often met, as we looked for something more than paperwork, keyboards, and cubicles.

  • It was a cool, blue morning, with the sun just on the horizon. We flew across the waves in our speedboat, as dolphins played across the bow. We saw one jump out of the water and flip, a full 540 degrees.

  • The onna bugeisha, sword attendant for the daimyo
    fair in beauty, and swift and graceful with the sword
    her honor in the glory of their lord.

  • The flame flickers and fans, to a blaze that consumes the funeral pyre. A bold warrior who gave his all, his life consumed by the passion in his heart.

  • Thunderous, dark clouds hover in the skies. Rain drops drip pitter-patter on the old rooftop. My mind and my heart, in distant lands.

  • I went out this morning to capture birds and band them, actually. It was for my vertebrate biology class. Our teacher did most the work (you have to be certified), though, but still we set up the net, identified […]

  • Hey batter, batter – and, pitch the ball to the catcher. Strike thr-reee, you’re out!

  • Like a piece of driftwood amidst a sea of uniformity, I find myself isolated and alone with the hopes of being found – perhaps there is some kind captain to rescue this weary drifting soul.

  • The sea did gently ebb and wane, but no one saw the tempest that was coming – who could foretell the sea to have such a mood, such a temper but God Himself?

  • The very best of high culture – something that brings the most delightful sensations to the tastebuds, or is the most charming to the eye. Something that is a rarity.

  • Trunk. A storage compartment on the back of a car. The nose of an elephant. Guys swim in trunks.

  • To be fixed is to be made whole again – and that you were broken to start with. So much is broken, to begin with. How are we ourselves fixed? In all honesty, only by Jesus Christ.

  • Ratings. We care so much about them. Movie ratings, blog ratings, academic ratings. At its core, we connect ratings with value and purpose. Should we? What makes you?

  • A nice way to keep things together. It such an everyday thing, and yet we are afraid of getting our fingers caught in it. Wouldn’t want to be stapled ourselves. Also, a well-known store.