• Auxiliary; the last time i visited one was to see my disabled aunt for the first time. It was the first time I ever felt like we ever connected in my 21 years of living – before that, whenever her and I […]

  • Automatic… Sometimes, a switch kicks off in me the second I hear the sound of my manic-depressive/bipolar crazy cousin’s screeching voice, screeching at my grandmother for minimal reasons. I automatically ball up my fists, because so badly do I want to intervene, but I know my gram thinks I only fuel the fire when I […]

  • Mutual… There is such things as mutual understanding, which basically embodies the word ’empathy’. Mutual is a bonding synchronicity of emotional, physical, and mental status between multiple human beings, even animals have the ability for mutual compatibility. Mutual status on a positive level is one of the most cherishable connections you can…[Read more]

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    Dull is basically the essence of my life through the eyes of most analyzers. To me, my life is anything but dull to me, my life is a masterpiece of stupidity, mixed in with brilliant revelations, self-discovery beyod any means of most other people’s understandings of their own selves. To most I seem like I […]

  • Conviction: I believethe first peron to introduce me to the concept of a conviction was myfriend, my dear dear friend Nicole, a.k.a Number 2. She has enlightened me to my inner self so much that it scares me to think of who and where I would be if her and i had never met, if […]