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    There was only half an hour till sunrise.
    Legs pumping, chest heaving, muscles burning.
    Heavy footsteps rocked the earth behind you, guttural growls and rasped roars echoing in the trees around you.
    You narrowly avoided a stray tree root; you stumbled as you regained your footing.
    You kept running, dried eyes filling with tears as you tore…[Read more]

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    He couldn’t help but think of his kin, those who had been cast down long before him.

    As he shifted, hiding Grace and Glory behind layers of Seidr and Stories, he wondered if the pain of hiding his true nature was at all comprable to having all of it ripped out.

    Had knowledge been worth it?
    Had autonomy been worth it?
    Had…[Read more]

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    …and yet the little girl in the bright yellow coat still smiled, wildly chasing golden leaves as the ash drifted like snowflakes to the cobblestones.

  • free will is an illusion.
    each of us are trapped in an adventure book.
    sure, we choose our own paths.
    sure, we believe we write our own destinies.
    but each path was written long before we set foot upon it.
    each choice was predetermined long before we knew there was a decision to be made.
    in the end, we are still nothing but characters,…[Read more]

  • The gods envy Humanity.

    They envy our ability to have faith, in our perseverance, envy our audacity to see the very limits the Universe and push beyond them.

    They envy each breath, each firing synapse, each passing flutter of a pulse.

    They envy how precious we consider each moment, envy our resilience, envy our willingness to keep…[Read more]

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    my inability to come up with anything for this prompt is going to bite me in the ass.