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    we went to buy them together.

    or maybe i went to buy them alone, and your mind was somewhere else while your corporeal body drifted next to me, in and out of existence. you said they were pretty. and i agreed. they are very pretty. even now, with a thin layer of dust over their surface, they look delicate and look more fitting to someone of…[Read more]

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    i’ll never get to capture you.

    you’re so many things in a person at once, all fire, all soft, kind and gentle but callous, sharp, honest and cold, with the warmest brown eyes but the snidest, most cutting glances. you’re a contradiction in a piece, a mystery by all regards, but a wonder by my judgement. the curve of your mouth is more often a…[Read more]

  • Liz commented on the post, classical 3 months, 1 week ago

    Oh, hai, like the music, yes? Or like the architecture. There’s your Classical, and then there’s your CLASSIC. And ionic and doric and what’s that third column? And your classy. And your classist. And your girls who wear glasses.

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    Between what you say and what you really feel. Between where you are now and where you were then. A muddy scrim that doesn’t want to let you see. Maybe it protects you. Maybe it it protects something else. Hard to say with all that muck between here and there. What would it take to wash it all away?

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    Ugh. Really? Okay, okay. How about some hush puppies? The fried dough balls, yeah. Oh, or the horrible horrible shoes I wore as a kid, the Hush Puppies brand — hideous, lumpy, made of some kind of pleathery substance, nothing but clod, clop, clod, even a kid like me knew they were hopeless

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    This makes me think of the movie The China syndrome, though I have ZERO memory of plot, characters, etc. Syndrome. What makes a syndrome? How many pieces constitute a syndrome? What duration? Oh damn I’m asking QUESTIONS again. Drome. Drone. Syn. Sin. Sin drone. Ooooh, look out for the below-the-radar trajectory of the SIN DRONE.

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    What if I weave you a story, one skein truth, one skein prevarication and wishful thinking? What if I weave it from grass and glass and the fingernail clippings of the best of us? The worst? What if I weave you something too good to be believed? Why do I so frequently use questions in free writing?

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    I thought I already wrote about this word. I’ve broken one word. Maybe it’s just one word now, forever, like “harm” is The One Word I Get To Write About From Now On. Did I break oneword? I mean, if I only GET one word for the rest of time, this one’s not bad. Easy to rhyme. Pleasant to say. Emotional resonance. Etcetera. Harm. Chicken Parm.

  • Liz commented on the post, harm 4 months, 1 week ago

    Harm has me stumped.

    First, do no harm.

    Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me.

    What a lie. I’ve felt a word slice home like a well-honed blade, aimed and hurled by one you could only call a warrior. Like a stone thrown. And if it makes a wound you can’t quite see? How to heal that? How to set the deepest…[Read more]

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    Sometimes you’re the other, and sometimes you’re the otherer, the fish who doesn’t even realize she’s in water, the mother of all bother, an otter whose whole world is the crack crack cracking of a hard shell against a stone. Other other other otter and why bother, why dither?

  • lynn commented on the post, builders 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    “you see them?” you say carelessly, waving a pale hand towards the invisible barrier between us and them, unbroken glass, clear and clandestine. “they’ll never be like us,” you continue, sweeping your bangs out of your eyes, eyes dark and flickering with some unknown emotion in the muted light. you never say that we’ll never be like /them/, though…[Read more]

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    Related, elated, sweet cousins, weird uncles, my relations, my ancestors, the roots and branches of the family tree, the relating all the relating is so exhausting but we keep at it at the table where we all clutch our forks like madmen and gnash our teeth like beasts, like beasts of a family, family creatures reaching for one another between bites

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    and he’s off, feet against the dirt, racing the sunlight, arms stretched out in front of him, mouth agape in a breathless gasp and he chases the wind, tossing his head. his eyes are bright and flickering as he peers over the open air, holding onto nothing, mouth curved into a sharp, raw grin. he says he chases the adrenaline and the vertigo and…[Read more]

  • Liz commented on the post, fun 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Oh fun this word this world funfunfun till your daddy takes your Tbird away, fun like sun like I am so done with the world’s insistence on glee and chin up and happy spirits — I find fun in the surly corners, fun in the funk

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    the moment he steps forward and slips into his awaiting arms, his pale eyes seem to drain of exhaustion, instead glowing faintly in the muted light, as though the life within was threatening to spill out. he holds on tight to the other boy, his hands desperate in their searching but kind in their touch. he lets out a long exhale and buries his…[Read more]

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    there’s a melancholy in this hall, like all of the students that ever been here were lingering faintly like kind ghosts peering out of the shadows. a faint breeze picks up the heavy curtains and sends them swishing over the glass, and i walk slowly up to the stage. not long ago, i had been up there, mcing an event with all the nonchalance in the…[Read more]

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    oh god, i’m in love with you.

    i didn’t know. well, maybe i did, but i didn’t think too hard about it.

    i saw you in a dream last night. we were together, and we were happy.

    /you/ were happy. and that was the most important thing.

    i’m terrified. what do i do now when i see you? my heart seems to stutter and i feel more self conscious…[Read more]