• He said to think of ourselves as builders. layering bricks, foraging for twigs. magpies hoarding pieces of humanity.

  • I wonder if they can tell that we’re related? Can they see how our eyes are nearly the same tint of green? Hair, vastly different but still. The upturned nose, slight, but there? The familiarity of our communication, seamless and unspoken? Wonder if there isn’t some kid–that introverted one in the corner–was he studying us? Tracing the…[Read more]

  • “… It’s…. semi-related? Maybe?”
    “Okay, so, let me get this straight. You’ve had this rash for… how long? Four months now? And you just now thought it might be related?”
    “Well… I don’t know, sometimes I just get itchy for awhile but then it goes away, so I just thought…”
    “Right. Well, Jimmy, I’m going to need you to lie back.”

    l o…[Read more]

  • How is this possibly related to anything that I need to know? Seriously. We sit here and speak words back and forth, back and forth and I do not understand the point / the point from A to B, she tries to draw it out for me, on the wipeboard, with everyone looking at me now. Their eyes, burning into me, until she starts drawing a something…[Read more]

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    Fun. Out-to-the-bars-fun. Eating the free peanuts, swaying to the band. Leaned against the counter, her mouth moving, fast and shifting / with the moment–fun. Her idea of fun. My idea of fun–we fuck in the bathroom, whisper each others names in pleasure. Vomit up / all our feelings into each other’s hands. Follow a theory to its end, cracking…[Read more]

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    Is this fun? Is it? Do you feel your skin tingle at the sight of her and do you define this ritual as fun? Does it remind you of the playground or the scented markers in your clenched fists? Is it the bodies-electric? Circling in, then out, a wave function soon to collapse? Is the physics of it fun / to you? Would you spend the day wrapping…[Read more]

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    Your eyes, an oasis, daring me to write cliche poem after cliche poem but I stare them down in resistance, determined. I will not. You will not turn me into a traveler / weeping at the sight of you. I will not draw the demarcations of your cheekbones against the sand, hills sweeping into shallow pools that I crouch down to peer inside–catch my…[Read more]

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    Wired to the morphine, drip dripping, I almost feel sorry for him now. Can almost feel the hint of empathy creep into my own circulatory system–in parallel. Unconscious, bruised and bleeding from the inside, he looks small, pitiful and he does not scare me any longer. I think about what it would feel like to take his hand into my hand, bend his…[Read more]

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    You’re always cutting corners. In utero, even, pretending the rules didn’t apply to you. And here, now, kneeling in the dirt, spreading the seeds without the proper treatment. Though, maybe, it is less about corners this time and more about a specific kind of revolt. Against the older women looking over your shoulder, against the presence of your…[Read more]

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    You try to get all the corners this time. Gather the cobwebs into your palms and try to make yourself less afraid of the world. A tiny speck crawls along your life line, trapped in a maze until the fan spins back around and it tumbles, over the soft edge of your hand or, to it, the end of the earth. You think to crouch down, take it up into your…[Read more]

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    How many corners have you sent me to? Sitting there, in the chair, facing the intersection? How many corners have I studied with my fingertips? How many times have you studied my back, hunched over in obedience? How many corners have I send myself to and watched myself / from afar?

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    Steer me, darling. We are careening now–into the space between truth and lie. Did you think it could be avoided?

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    I steer you out of the door. Exit the bar. Kicked out, we fall into the streets and shout. We shout until the skies are angry with us and it hurts our feelings. We fall into the gutters and blame the wind and the hands of the gods. We break each others hearts–I mean / bones, they break the silence with the flutter of their wings, sending gusts…[Read more]

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    You steer the conversation from the reason that I cannot love you. You do this with ease. And I will not accept this. But still–I have no choice and you walk

    from the earth and I