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    Why nutrients again? Somehow, when the clock’s hand passes a day in one part of the world, it remains in the very same day in the other half. Times and time zones zap across, squiggling over borders and islands- somehow simplifying life (mainly webcalls!) and complicating the idea of time for second-graders. For example, a minute past midnight is…[Read more]

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    Willful… Fullfill
    I can’t wilfully fullfill my dream of becoming a writer. Why? I don’t write. Too lazy to write. Sittiing on the beanbag like a couch potato, reading silly books all day like book worm. That drives my ambitious, willing mind crazy until my mind can’t take it any longer. The mind creaks and then rusts, with no oil for it to be…[Read more]

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    Is he good or bad?
    Everywhere or no where?
    Part of nature or being?
    Mysterious force or form?
    In Heaven or in Earth?
    In this Universe or not?
    Who knows?
    Many know,
    All with different answers.
    Who to believe
    Is a difficult situation.
    If there is a God
    Why doesn’t he show us
    Whether we’re his puppets
    Or whether we’ve come here…[Read more]

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    God what a mghty word. Everywhere I see the word, a sense of overpowerment rushes through me faster than an adrenaline rush. Such a sad state seeing people who don’t know where to got to, to find solace. I know a place… Singing.. My mother’s lap… A place of peace, not necessarily a temple.

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    Crunch… Crunch… The sound of somebody crunching on a snack woke me up. I concluded that it must be yummy. You might wonder how I came to a conclusion. I have years of experience in eating food, and when there’s yummy my nose somehow smells it and my nerves send a message to the brain. On most Sundays, I wake up to the smell of pancakes. I’m…[Read more]

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    Soups. Hot, delicious, good for colds… That is the way advertisements show soups.

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    Seeds… They are planted to grow a whole new life. They make wonderful wonders.
    Seeds are planted inside all creatures from squirrels to humans. Seeds are planted from the time of the birth. Mental seeds… […]

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    Animals are adapting to all the changes that we humans make, and one major mistake we do is to destroy the environment they are living in… The place they dwell in… The place they survive in…

    What do you […]

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    Bone Fractures… Ugh, it feels so weird to visualize a bone breaking. Does your heart go through fractures. I feel that they do because your heart breaks so many times in your life and only people who never get […]

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    Persons…such a distant word…I have wondered whether it really is a word. Is it?