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    I was sick of having to wear sleeves. It was 22C weather outside, and still I wore a hoodie. I have scarred arms. It’s because of shit I do to myself. People mostly don’t really notice how it might be odd. Occasionally someone would say, “Aren’t you hot?” My repertoire of answers to that question was slowly growing but the staples are the standard…[Read more]

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    It was crystaline ecstay in a tube. In a needle. Breath in deep and the smoke crowds your lungs, fills your mind and soul and every recess of your body. Smoke is insidious. It’s the others you get to laugh at- as though the fear of somethign so bright- the sparkling

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    the thing was- well. She didn’t wanna quit. Thats what they always say- the ones she knew were out there, hiding on the street, and in the air, and even in her eyes if she looked to hard- stared for too long at a face that was quickly becoming a stranger

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    It’s angles were pretty. It’s darling little head, all dark and downy and just a little too beautiful to be real. It’s parts were something special, something wonderful. It was in the entirety of the image that the beautiful fell away. One plus two plus three and suddenly you understood the whole image, saw the monster and were so cold so quick.…[Read more]

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    It hit the water with a plop.
    And then its chemistry collapsed
    I said goodbye,
    before its time, and it woke me, for pain of oil
    on stone

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    The thing about tomorrow is that you never think its coming. Its always just…tomorrow. Not now, not yesterday, not something you can ever know, so you just kind forget, push it out of your mind till its not something you ever consider, not really, its not now and it wont ever ever ever be, so what does it matter? Yeah. What does it matter. Until.

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    His hands were wrinkled.
    His eyes, they twinkled.
    And with a careless

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    It isn’t fair that they have left us all. In broken puddles. Wantless heaps. They mock us, and when we reach our filthy hands for the bottom of their robes they kick us to the ground. We revered them once. That time is gone. What once was God has been revealed as Devil, and all comes falling into the great deathless fathom.

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    “Steady.” It felt like a shout in my ear. “Steady.” It felt like he whispered it just to torment me. “Steady.” I wanted to hit him. “Stop.” I wanted to kiss him.

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    His hands shook.
    I wrapped them in my own.
    cursed them with my mind
    Say you wish you could run away with me
    His hands did not still
    my hands did not move
    Say you wish we could live
    But i was steady,
    and he shook,
    could never

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    There was no time to consider the impossible. There was nothing he could do but get down on one knee.
    “Will you marry me?” He asked, quiet desperation in his voice, quiet desperation she did not hear. Of course she said yes.

  • ^Absolutely! I get called ‘Doris Daydream’ for that very reason!

  • A veiled artist works
    As the spider weaves her web.
    A beautiful trap.

    Next word: echo

  • Soft, I’m glad it made you smile! ( See, the truth can be funny). ;)


    “Soon” she said. “Just wait.”
    So we all waited for soon.
    Time knows we ‘just wait’.

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    Hi D0wnth3r4bb1th0l3, welcome to oneword. :)

    The easiest way to find a poetry group is to use the search box on the right >> and up there a bit ^^. It’s underneath the members’ pictures. Type ‘poetry’ in the empty box. Then you should choose ‘groups’ by clicking the downward arrow and click that option. Finally, under where it now says…[Read more]

  • A combined hunger
    For music and suffering?
    Try Justin Beiber

    Next word: strike

  • Your words are dragons
    Flying at me, cracking me
    Eyes downstream, ears blown.

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  • I’m glad you enjoy it Aley! :D

    Sometimes I suspect
    Millionaires laugh at us
    In our shitty cars.

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  • Keeping myself sane
    Means some selfish alone time
    A sad essential

    Next word: ignore

  • Hey P.J., welcome to… whatever it is we have going on here!

    I shan’t ignore you though, I want the funniez! :D