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    I stared at the resealable tag, feeling empowered for the ensuing struggle. Fold a strip of the packet of ridiculously overpriced lettuce over. Crease firmly. Long fingernails are preferable for this task.
    Narrow eyes at the plastic as it slowly curls itself up again. Repeat the process making sure you hold onto the plastic this time. Peel the resealable tag off of where it has been randomly placed on the bottom of the packet.
    Push firmly over the fold, joining it to the packet. Hiss disparagingly at the tag which is certainly not resealable when most of the sticky underside has been abandoned on the bottom of the packet.
    Heave a sigh and try again. For a second time. A third time. Scowl, my muscles need the exercise. Eventually admit defeat stick the stupid tag on the packet and shove it hurriedly back into the fridge, trying desperately not to acknowledge the tag already rising to it’s feet. Needless to say I was rather vicious in my treatment of my lettuce when I eventually got around to eating it…

    • Never again to think of a farm worker, immigrant or head of lettuce with the same concern or intelligence. It maybe more productive to consider nuts, pecans, walnuts, macadamia’s or those always enchanting and exotic pistachio’s.