• I am one with the system
    But I still feel a little out of place
    Like it’s a rough around the edges fit.
    Maybe, with a little time, they’ll smooth over
    like stones in a riverbed

  • Jacqueline Ali commented on the post, tea 4 years, 9 months ago

    Warms me to the core with it’s steamy goodness
    A wise man once treated those with troubles with a small cup
    of aromatic tea.

    Iroh, thank you for your wisdom.

  • I can’t get in because I’m too busy thinking about excuses
    Eligibility was never a requirement for life.
    Why do I keep wondering how I got in?
    Why do people question why they are here when eligibility is not a requirement for life?

  • This is the suburbs. No people and no trees.

    The suicide rate in developed countries grows taller than redwoods.

    Why? We don’t have the company of our wooden brethren.

    Alone in our race to the top.