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    The symbol, it meant the world to her. Her father had cherished it. The world that he had build was contained in this emblem. She knew it was the key to solving her mystery. The mystery that had plagued her since birth.

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    Looking up at the starry sky, Dr. P.J. North strum new that everything was going to be okay. People had for many years survived on this planet and he had hoped they would continue for many more. The newest problem, the need for a cure.

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    I saw him from across the train. He was sitting there with his fedora, plaid shirt reading an book. My eyes caught his. I just had to jump on him. Tear his shirt off with my teeth.

  • The natural elements of life = TCM fire, water, earth, metal, wood.
    Fire burns and leaves ashes for the earth, in the earth there is metal, metal buckets can hold water, water gives life to wood and wood burns for fire. The circle of the elements.
    The periodic table.
    The elements of friendship.
    Zodiac signs fire earth wind water.