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    The relationship was nothing but lust. What was she thinking? Strutting in her boots with her shirt curved down low just above her cleavage. Then a boy strides in, bold enough to take her by her perfumed hand and make her his first. “I love him,” she’d tell me. I blame myself. For never having […]

  • L. Lumpkin commented on the post, vodka 7 years, 11 months ago

    The last thing I can remember is downing a bottle of vodka.
    What a night.
    The last thing I saw was his face,
    his thin lips moving.
    Telling me something, but….damn. I was so drunk. I hope it wasn’t anything important.
    After last night, he’ll never want to see me again.

  • L. Lumpkin commented on the post, bandana 7 years, 12 months ago

    the bandana was soaked with blood
    blood from his brother – but he didn’t know
    blinded by rage
    and the obligations of his gang
    controlled by a knife in one hand
    and a gun in the other.
    blind until the blood soaked bandana revealed the young boy’s identity
    the killer met his prey

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    i don’t really know what deadbolt means. and i feel kind of dumb because it seems like it should have a simple definition and i’ll probably know what it means once i look it up. this is my lamest post because i’m in a huge “i don’t give a fuck” mood…and that’s probably reflected in […]

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    Whenever I hear the word trailer, I think of the movie, 8 Mile starring Eminem. It’s such a good movie. It’s about this young guy nicknamed Rabbit, and he’s a super good rapper but no one takes him seriously because he’s white. He lives in a trailer in a beat up park in Detroit. I […]

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    The whiskey bottle dropped down the carpeted staircase as she stumbled up to her room. Six year old Kate took the bottle in her had, unsure of the poison that had captured her mother like a hopeless fish in a net.

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    By a single invisible strand.
    That runs through our hearts and shoots through our veins and surges with livelihood,

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    I looked up.
    And all the stars in the galaxy winked at me.
    The asteroids lowered themselves down to Earth.
    And formed a rocky staircase for me.
    I followed the planets in sweet harmony.
    As I danced within the galaxy

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    Weaving colored grass into the hair of a girl on her 15th birthday is customary. I watched as the old woman took the black girl’s long hair into her bony hands, combed it through with a shell, and began to braid in the dyed grass. The woman’s bones popped like popcorn, and the girl smiled […]

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    However, she did not come back. I watched her speed out the driveway in her red Camero, leaving a trail of dust in the air. She drove down the street, pass all the trailers, vowing to leave this town for good. I talked to her on the phone later that day. At least she had […]

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    the block of clay sat before, sad and lifeless. It was my duty to bring breathe air into the dough, it was my job to shape the earth into a masterpiece. i placed my, clamp shaking hands to the brown putty; but pulled away abruptly with apprehension.

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    I looked down at the textbook. Menacing curves, lines, points, and crosses laughed at me, taunting my inability to solve 23x(5^22)h373JJ=x. So I said to page 355, figure out your own problems.

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    I had to have them. The ruby heels in the window were calling my name. Whispering so sweeetly, they pratically begged me to purchase them. Bright red like a Patterson Farm apple, and the heels were sharp and stunning. I could almost feel the soles of my feet clicking and clacking against the pavement before […]