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    Murder, the word has crossed my lips hundreds of times, usually when I’m angry, or joking around. Would I ever kill someone? No. But sometimes you just need to say it, those two syllables with so much power rolling off my tongue, that one word that could make anyone flinch.

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    Objects don’t have to be disappointed. They just sit there, alone, waiting to be used as they were created. It is so much more frustrating to be sentient, to be conscious, to have to deal with the great disappointments that come along. But I suppose there is always consolation, and always something else to do/

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    I was supposed to feel great, vibrant, alive even. But the atmosphere in that room was cold as death. The door opened slowly, as if it knew who was behind it, and was protesting their entrance. There was no […]

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    The miracle, the overwhelming miracle, of Joanna Bethany Collins. She is clearly GOD’S GIFT to our world. IF only we can ALL UNDERSTAND her wonderful contributions to society, such as what is not acceptable to […]

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    She lay there, covered by the blankets, listening to normally pleasant music that had become a blaring alarm to her tired ears. Two hours, why couldn’t she just get off of tumblr?

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    darlings, a pretty word, why tell something differently than it is? What are they beneath the bow clad hats? Under those big hoop skirts? Things are not always what they seem.

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    I flip through the magazine, glancing quickly at the famous people who are photoshopped to the point that they are no longer attractive. I circle the answers to the idiotic quizzes, insisting to myself that I am […]

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    I refuse. I refuse to deal with this anymore! Some kids stay out late and get drunk, but not me. All I want to do is go to breakfast before school with friends. You would think I asked to take a bus to […]

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    Her lungs filled with carbon instead of oxygen, she gasped, but to no avail. She felt the dirt closing in around her. There was no escape. This was her end, buried alive.

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    It feels like half of me is left behind, back in the perfection of tenth grade. Part of me left reliving those wonderful moments again and again. But the rest of me is here, at the new beginning, waiting for it […]

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    I’m in the zone, every shot is going right on the line, until my mind wanders. I begin running through the song lyrics, but they won’t leave and I just keep singing under my breath, losing point after point. if […]

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    That was it, the icing on the cake. That sad daughtry song filtering through the window. It pushed her over the edge, and she pulled over. She stared into the endless woods wondering what she could have […]

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    The instructions may have stared me in the face, but I ignored them anyway.

  • Lena commented on the post, modem 7 years, 2 months ago

    the modem was a word that was so random that she couldn’t even remember what it meant as it left his mouth. That mouth that she couldn’t stop staring at, which was just below his elegantly shaped nose.

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    the train sped past chkachkachkachka, like the last chance rolling away, leaving me here with no one to tell, no one to hear my pathetic self sorry complaints, or my tiny triumphs and small adventures that […]

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    the harness dug into my legs as I hung suspended 500 feet above the ground. I looked up at the peg stuck in the rock above me, thanking the universe for making it secure. I swung back over to the side and began […]

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    The seed of thought grew and grew until he could no longer look her in the eye without the glaringly obvious options whirling through his head. He didn’t know if he was in love with her, or if he was really tired.

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    Everyone was leaving, when the party ended I felt my house emptying like my heart. I was going to be alone again, I mean who wants the party to end? But it is different for me for some reason, I feel a […]

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    My heart ached as I waited, waited for tuesday, when I would start a new class, and face a challenge, a real challenge. This would be the first time I entered a situation not sure of myself, ever, the first time […]

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    the branches of the weeping willow sagged like the tears for which it was named. I wished I could cry like that, just cry and cry and still have such a beautiful name, “the weeping willow”, but not me, i would by […]