• Raine looked at Leo and felt pain enter her chest. Ice took hold of her heart and made it ache. Leo didn’t recognize her, worse yet he hated her. Leo watched as she slid to her knees and realized that he made a […]

  • The sapling swayed in the wind uncertain which way to grow it’s branches. They moved with mind of their own, hoping one day to be long and tall. Perhaps they would support nests. A lucky few may hold a rare […]

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    “What is this present?” Ana said. Peeti turned around with a pebble sized stone witha reddish hue in his palm. As he plopped it casually onto Ana’s hand she realized it was the largest uncut ruby she had ever […]

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    Selene pulled her hood over her face. She looked across the street to find that Liam did the same. She felt her lips curl into a smile and relished in the knowledge that he couldn’t see. Liam didn’t know she […]

  • The attendant looked down at Raine.
    “Can I help you?” he said.
    “Yes I’m looking for my grandmother,” came the clear reply.
    “Name?” he said wearily turning the page of his magazine.
    “Hmmm,” she paused for a […]

  • Anna reared up on Ingie’s reign as the blaze rose higher. What had she gotten them into?
    “Can you put it out?” she yelled over the roar.
    “I’m a dragon, not a fish,” said Ingie, “Even if i could blow it out, it […]

  • She jumped in with a splash. She wondered briefly wether or not her splash would be the last thing she ever heard. Didn’t matter now. She was away. She was gone

  • My attention span is the hardest thing to capture. I’ll listen to you for ten, fifteen, thirty minutes, but the moment the conversation turns to the doldrums…I’m gone. Maybe i’ll come back, but that will only be […]

  • The catcher, what a catch, good you caught it. I haven’t the faintest idea of what I’m talking about, but I am so glad to be writing something again. These grown up need to realize what a crap ton of homework they […]