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  • Bridget Grace commented on the post, brew 1 day, 17 hours ago

    She listened to the kettle start to bubble and closed her eyes against the tears. What a weird reaction to tea. And yet it was so comforting, so lovely that she couldn’t help but cry. She was so exhausted. This had to be a reaction to all of that. She wanted, more than anything, to sleep peacefully and wake up just as peacefully then next morning.

  • The girl who can wear high heels in the morning and sneakers in the evning!
    The girl who can be in her office in the morning and doing sport in the evning
    The girl who can walk stritly in the morning and danse hiphop in the evning

    she is the strongest women! because she could face up the life with its diffrents sides!

  • Vic commented on the post, sneakers 2 days, 12 hours ago

    All winter I wear sneakers, ok technically they’re running shoes. I have whack feet that are difficult to find shoes for and so all year long it’s just about the arch support in super wide. I dream of winter boots instead of breathable sneakers.

  • Her shoes made a satisfying squeak on the floor as she pivoted to shoot. Her arms went up in perfect form and her wrists flicked the ball into the net. Swoosh. Nothing but net. She sighed with relief. It never changed.

  • The zipper stuck and she struggled for a moment before giving up and slinging it on her back, open. She raced out the door, taking a second to lock it before sprinting down the sidewalk, one hand behind her to hold her processions in her backpack.

  • Bridget Grace commented on the post, paws 6 days, 16 hours ago

    The little paws were so cute. The tail wagged. The eyes blinked. The tongue stuck out. It was perfect. And entirely capture in glass.
    She put it down. She could have sworn it would pant and bark.

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    She couldn’t stop once she started. She just kept talking and talking and the words and worlds just kept pouring out of her mouth into a pool beneath her. He listened, gently, not wanting to interrupt, but wanting to know she didn’t have to continue if she didn’t want to/

  • Bridget Grace commented on the post, reminder 1 week, 3 days ago

    The email was short and to the point, but friendly. Still, she cursed out loud when she saw it. Dang it. Dang it dang it. She had totally forgotten.

  • Bridget Grace commented on the post, outage 1 week, 4 days ago

    The power flickered and then went out. “Oh, bloody perfect,” she groaned and rolled over so her face was in the pillows. She didn’t want to deal with this today. But it was the coldest day of the year. She couldn’t just sit here. She’d probably freeze to death.

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    Taking the job as an intern felt like walking backwards. I had worked my way up the corporate ladder. I put my time in. Years of proving myself to others and to me. How is it that I am starting all over. A 45 year old intern. I am surrounded by twenty something years olds. I feel more like a mother in the middle of a day care. What they…[Read more]

  • Bridget Grace commented on the post, intern 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    The look of the kid made her eyes roll. Geez. He was scrawny as hell. He was eager. He was just what he had been told to be his whole life.
    “Look kid, I like you, or at least I want to like you, but you have to calm the hell down.”

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    The flower was browned around the edges, dry, and drooping over the side of the jar. Perhaps it never really fully bloomed. It was winter, after all. She sighed and turned back to her list, pulling her hand over her eyes.

  • minimalist commented on the post, seasonal 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    I lean on your doorframe
    I know you won’t be there
    Your car’s not on the lawn
    From the hallway
    I don’t hear you laughing
    It’s quiet

    You arrived quiet, trusting
    A tiny universe nestled into my neck and chest
    How could such a small cottage
    Become so empty?

    Every day is a jewel
    Every smile a sun
    Every heartbeat is

  • Bridget Grace commented on the post, seasonal 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    It wasn’t snowing yet, but she could feel it in the air.

  • we always see that the vampire is imagination person who are thirsty of blood’s human.
    But we have to believe this imagination because it’s true story! there are some human in our life who are eating us every day; they look for their services from you but when you need them you find them enjoying about your misery.
    Just Be Careful, and don’t…[Read more]

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    She had read plenty about the pale skinned counts in capes or the sparkly teen aged boys who never age, but she still couldn’t pin point what exactly disturbed her abut the concept. Sure, they sucked blood. Sure, they turned you in to one oft them.

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    It was a simple twist in her hair but somehow it had transformed her into a completely different person. He did’t recognize her.

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    The school was scary in the summer- abandoned, vacant. It even smelled weird. Well, probably. She tried not to get to close to it when she walked by, for fear that someone would reach out and kidnap her to make her learn something.

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    The work appeared elementary. Why could I not get my mind around the question. We all gathered around the table. Six associates, one problem. My mind was floating around other thoughts. I could not concentrate on the task at hand. My fellow associate nudged me with his hand. Rubbing my shoulder as if it hurt, I looked at him and said,” w…[Read more]

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    The rosy glow of the room was so alluring from outside the window. Her feet could practically feel the warmth.