August 15th, 2012 | 561 Entries

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561 Entries for “zone”

  1. the ozone. In danger, melting away. Decaying before our very eyes. Moth-bitten and stretched to far over an ever-greedy planet, a doomed planet. No repesct, just waste. Waste and death.

    By samantha on 08.15.2012

  2. The zone is where we need to be. The o zone is a different kind of place to be. I’m in my zone you be in yours and together we have our zone.

    By teeda URL on 08.15.2012

  3. Zone. Get in the zone, autozone. Commercials eat your brain and kill your soul. Stay away and think.

    By Danny Joe URL on 08.15.2012

  4. it is a place where all the thiefs are kept, you don’t enter a zone. I think there are a lot of guards there. Also a “zone” could be somthing like a territory with boundaries with restricted acess. It might be a zone of some company or maybe even a group of people.

    By Anastasia on 08.15.2012

  5. To “zone” someone is to make assumptions about them, that lead to you expecting certain stuff and deal in a certain way with. For example is the infamous friend zone. I think that zones are just humans’ way of classifying objects applied to other humans, which is something that can be modified by a total change of the other person.

    By Samer URL on 08.15.2012

  6. in the zone. it’s like when your’e doing something you love and you have no idea what youre doing, you’re just doing it great and youre not sure why. It’s crazy and intense and you dont think you just do, you just feel, you just know. You know who you are and what you can do and you do it.

    By Hannah on 08.15.2012

  7. Sometimes I’m in the zone. Like the other day, working on the school stuff. More often than not, I’d consider myself more zoned out than in the zone. Like today. I want to do something; I have a full list of things to do, mostly involving writing. But I’m too zoned out to do anything.

    By Jane URL on 08.15.2012

  8. Every cake has a special zone where it can be tickled. Carrot cakes are especially ticklish. You’d think cupcakes would be, but it’s not so. In any case, most people ignore this and do not tickle any desserts.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 08.15.2012

  9. i zoned out so bad today as i was driving, i realized i went down the wrong highway, we have 2 in our town parallel and 4 miles apart from each other, they look the same till you 14 miles out! i have so much going on in my head i dont even know where im going, but im going in quick circles that pulsate out in big bursts of what the heck’s and how did i do’s. funny though in all conundrums we find ourselves in there are many more ways to find your way out, turns out where i was heading called and didn’t need me, and an appt i scheduled for Friday,, asked to meet me.. the cause was not lost and i still got paid! now its time to zone out in me brains while sucking on a Popsicle to avoid hard drive combustion’s and sputter reactions…

    By Luchador Lavender URL on 08.15.2012

  10. A zone is a relative place. There is a speed zone, a school zone, there’s even a friend zone. The friend zone is scary. It’s almost as bad as that “zone” where you don’t know where you stand with someone. Are you more than just a friend, a hookup, or are you literally just another person passing through someone’s life?

    By kelly on 08.15.2012

  11. I was in serious trouble. And for the first time, I couldn’t talk myself out of it. These machines won’t listen to reason or excuse and my body couldn’t finish their tasks before it was time for them to self destruct. I was Cher (from Clueless) in a technologically advanced death trap.

    By Ruben URL on 08.15.2012

  12. There is no place other than that in which I am, to which I belong. Telling myself otherwise can only be a source of pain and conflict. I am where I am because the laws of nature, physics, and God say that is where I am to be. And that mustn’t be a source of discouragement, nor a source of anxiety. For why should here be any worse than there? Why should now be any less fruitful than later? For I am where I am, and it’s I who holds the power to move.

    By Gina on 08.15.2012

  13. Zone to me is like when im “in the zone” especially when im climbing. When im in the zone and climbing I feel like I can do anything. I block out the distractions and just climb.

    By Casi.B on 08.15.2012

  14. In the zone. Get in the zone. Auto zone.
    Or Friend Zone … haha !
    But you’re not gettin any.
    That’s mean.
    Or handicap zone, closer to the store. So if it rains, you don’t have to walk as far.
    I’m going to make dinner in the cooking zone. Boo Ya!

    By Marr URL on 08.15.2012

  15. hello, I’ve already wrote about this word. I am a little bit lazy to write about it again, so here I am xD Hi everybody

    By Anastasia URL on 08.15.2012

  16. Fingers laced together, connecting only at the tips. She leans forward, ever so slightly, eyes alert, latched onto me, waiting to strike.

    She has been following me for some time, body taut, tensed, curved like a blade. I think she means to kill me, or at least slay me with her smile.

    It’s nice to see her focused, like this, however. The last time we talked she was curled up on the bathroom floor.

    It’s nice to see her living up to that new haircut of hers.

    New clothes.

    New attitude.

    Nice to see that she’s in the zone.

    By haywirehay URL on 08.15.2012

  17. I felt so many times like I had really scored. It was all up to her though. Referee, opponent, teammate – all at the same time. She never even had a cup of tea without a battle strategy. Later, I would lose the game. She would have babies. Be happy. I would go fishing.

    By Bryan URL on 08.15.2012

  18. I spent hours after the deed staring at the dials on the watch I snagged from the dead guy’s wrist. It says Cartier on it and it’s gold colored and real shiny. It’s kinda big for my arm but I figure I’ll just keep it in my jeans pocket. Safer there. Anyway, I’m no genius but the Greyhound station clock says 3:30 which is what this watch says on the big dial. The other dials say 9:30 and 6:30 which must be what the time is somewhere else. Weird. The dead guy must’ve been fascinated with time zones or something. I’ll just have to remember to only look at the big dial.

    By penny dreadful URL on 08.15.2012

  19. being completely locked and loaded. totally consumed by a given task or operating in a realm outside of everyone else. focused.

    By brandon on 08.15.2012

  20. It was a dark zone. There were light zones with smiles and clean white dresses, but my zone was dark with chocolate and black cats and sleek black dresses. I wished I could live in the light zone and feel the warm sun… but I guess the moon light was nice too.

    By jazmin on 08.15.2012

  21. it’s a nice word you use it when describing a certain area..or can refer to the layer of the earth, the o-zone. or maybe abstract things like friendzone

    By ramona on 08.15.2012

  22. I’m in the zone, the mental head game i am playing has caused some pain, some joy, a lot of lessons. Sometimes i am up, sometimes down but for now i am in the zone, i will learn the lessons, i will not be mad because of the past and I will not let her have control over my thoughts so long after she has left. I am in the zone, the zone that says, I win, the zone that leads to freedom.

    By Tim URL on 08.15.2012

  23. how soon can you get in the zone. the moment to where you are capable of anything. to react. deflect, to create. that point in time when theres an obsticle such as the hoars of people blocking you from that beautiful women across the bar. wheres your zone? do you have it?

    By lucas on 08.15.2012

  24. She’s in the zone. She can do this. She takes a deep breath, steadying herself. She *can* do this. She opens up the door, about to walk in when suddenly there’s a large crash.

    By Anna on 08.15.2012

  25. I was zoning out. Staring up into the bright blue sky, there was only one thought that went around my mind — the feeling of his lips on mine. I didn’t know what to do about it, the kiss was illegal. I was engaged! Nate was trying to talk to me, but I didn’t pay attention to what he was saying.

    By Kristina URL on 08.15.2012

  26. zone is a word that comes repeatedly in my life. People seem to think that zones suround us, and from which we cannot escape. I would like to escape and live my life beyond boundarys, although i don’t know exacly what I would do, I would do something amazing

    By Anna on 08.15.2012

  27. zone means that when you are in the like when you are in the game you focus and zone can be in basketball as well as a zone like a place

    By mack on 08.15.2012

  28. i am in the zone when im making films, and listen to music while driving. Also when im travelling.

    By thomas on 08.15.2012

  29. zone can be where you are there is also a shop called zone that sell VANS and in basketball u can play zone and zone can be where you can focus when you are so that means you are in the zone there is also a street called zone and thats in bundoora

    By mack on 08.15.2012

  30. I’m in the zone. Zoned out. The Twilight Zone. The pleasure zone. Erogenous zone. The zoning board. Turned down. In another zone. Beware.

    By S. Mandell URL on 08.15.2012

  31. The street was not to be crossed. The black zone layed behond it. They had already risked too much coming into the red zone, and it had costed Alice and Ryan lifes by the hand of the militia.

    By Nuno URL on 08.15.2012

  32. I’m in the friendzone. I have no idea what to do. I just met a girl and I was like “hey you’re pretty girly”, and she was like “let’s be best friends” and I just sat down and started crying. It was fucking amazing. I can look at her without being weird now. OMIGASH. I love bananas.

    By Oda on 08.15.2012

  33. Before you step out onto the floor, you have to get into that zone. Get pumped up. Go over every step, every beat, every count. They announce you and it’s your turn. Go out there and give it your all.

    By Emily URL on 08.15.2012

  34. comfort zone when two people are comfortable being together. Or a zone. Just a place you want to be. free from everything. Everyone needs a zone of their own. when you are tired and need a break and cant really find comfort in anyone but yourself, your brain is the best option to resort to. Anyways, being in a zone can also mean bad things

    By nie le on 08.15.2012

  35. The friend zone is a terrible thing. You are madly in love with someone and they only see you as a “friend.” You can’t confess your feelings because it will ruin your relationship and will make things awkward, or you’ve already confessed your feelings and ruined everything. You don’t know what to do or who to go to and you don’t know how to control your feelings. It’s a vicious place to be in.

    By Dalya on 08.15.2012

  36. Zone. Friend zone? Who made up such a terminology in the first place? No, I don’t want to be “FRIEND ZONED”! I want to be tucked away inside the perfect circle made by your arms, you fool.

    By DI on 08.15.2012

  37. The judge rocked back on his green leather armchair. He looked down at the letter she had sent him and sighed. He was not able to zone out the feelings pulsing through his veins, dread, regret and despair.

    By sharon london on 08.15.2012

  38. Struer Statsgymnasium Kostskolen is a zone where I have to pass my youth, oh well … Hey, that’s me who wanted it, isn’t it? Good noght for now … lessons tomorrow.

    By Tiënor URL on 08.15.2012

  39. Zone. Friend zone? Who made up such a terminology in the first place? No, I don’t want to be “FRIEND-ZONED”! I want to be tucked away inside the perfect circle made by your arms, you fool.

    By DI URL on 08.15.2012

  40. Why zone again? I thought it will be another word the next time. And the main association to „zone“ is „prison“, you see… Hope not to kostskolen…

    By Tiënor URL on 08.15.2012