August 15th, 2012 | 561 Entries

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561 Entries for “zone”

  1. in the zone you see things that wernt there, you see what lies ahead not what came before. the zone aloqws you to function. the zone gives you everything you need to succeed. the zone gives you unlimited strength razor sharp focus.. it allows the common man to become super human. i cant tell you what the zone is. you can only see it for yourself.

    By youssef on 08.16.2012

  2. It was hard to get into his zone. He has everything I lack. Personality, appearance, intelligence, talent. But there I was, trying to talk to him. It took all my effort, I was going to do it, so as I approached him, I took a deep breath and say: “Hey..!”

    By on 08.16.2012

  3. I’m in the zone the second the blade touches my skin.
    The second the scissors break through the paper thin barrier between my outershell and into my raw emotion.
    The second I’m exposed and open.
    The second the ruby dots dance on my skin and the metallic scent stings my nose.
    The second I’m free.

    By MD on 08.16.2012

  4. zone. friendzone, it sucks. u don’t know what to do. ur stuck. in poop. u like, but u don’t know how the other feels. too scared to ask, too scared to confront. too afraid of rejection, heartbreak, sadness. its. its… complicated.

    By navi URL on 08.16.2012

  5. I am not in the zone. I don’t really know what the zone is but I know I’m not in it. It seems like everyone else is. It bugs me, a lot. I just want to know how to get in the zone. Please tell me? No one will tell me. Why the fuck not? You guys don’t want me in the zone…

    By Hallie on 08.16.2012

  6. I’m in the zone. You know making it happen, going with the flow and things are looking good. I will keep it up as long as it will last. But you know it won’t last for ever.

    By Teresa Johnson URL on 08.16.2012

  7. What zone do I live in? I was never very good with geography. I know there are different time zones and stuff. But I don’t understand how they change or what makes them change. How can there be different time zones within one country? I have no clue. Maybe it has something to do with the equator.

    By S on 08.16.2012

  8. as they walked into the secret zone, the clouds started to darken overhead. they knew once they got in they would not come out the same. if they even got to come out. it was most probably a one way entrance. the sky lost its light and the walls seemed to shallow them. the gates behind them closed with a bang.

    By Paloma on 08.16.2012

  9. The zone, a place of inherent skill, a place where one is always at their best, and at their ultimate threshold. The zone is simply the 200%–the limit breaker. When you hit your zone, the world becomes your plaything. You are one: heart, soul, body and mind.

    By Alden URL on 08.16.2012

  10. the yellow stripped zone had always been off limits. it was the scene of a crime, some said, or of a secret organization. we never got to go near. and they never let anyone get out, as far as we knew.

    By Pigeon37 URL on 08.16.2012

  11. i’m in the zone when i hear the music. nothing matters more than getting lost in the zone. this is my zone. my time. my time to work. cone. flown. prone to go into the highest flight flown.

    By goli ix URL on 08.16.2012

  12. This was it. The last area standing between them and freedom. Known simply as ‘the Zone’ by all who whispered of it on cold nights when dreams of getting out of the pits were heavenly dreams. He took a step forward and a single shot rang out in the night.

    By Alden URL on 08.16.2012

  13. In the zone
    The zone of fear
    All my dreams lay bare
    The world will see
    Reality will take
    In this zone
    My innocence is at stake
    In the hands of monsters called you
    All I can do is cry

    By Denecia URL on 08.16.2012

  14. in the zone. zone for one and zone for all.this is a good and often played word in words with friends. a game i spend way too much time playing, but am good at.

    By mindigo on 08.16.2012

  15. I’m residing in a brighter one. A zone is where we see the world, and that attitude then reflects for the how the world sees us. It’s hard to imagine how much happier I am now, compared to all those months alone this winter. I’ve grown so expansively out of the sad and tiny person I was.

    By Elio Hawkins URL on 08.16.2012

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    By drew URL on 08.16.2012

  17. She walked into the battle zone dazed. confused. What just happened? Where did everyone go? As the haze cleared over the cement ground so did the haze in her mind. Christ she mumbled as she observed splashes of bright red paint splattered across her old home.

    By Christina on 08.16.2012

  18. I was in the zone. The zone that was outsourced, outlined, and out of style. The zone, the IN zone. I was at home. I was in a scone, the phone…everything was covered in blood.

    By Zach Elianow on 08.16.2012

  19. Do not step into the zone. Words written in red on a brown card baord box, placed outside the room in the middle of the hall. “Zone, what zone?”. He thought as he took his mid afternoon break. It all seemeed silly, like a joke of some kind. As he walks passed the oragne comes, he held on to his hot coffee and looked around for a hidden camera. He wondered who was watching him as he sipped his second cup of the day. The others in the office did not know about the request or he would have heard about it. Curiosity was getting the best of him. When all of a sudden his cell pho e rang, catching him by surprise, he Lmist drops his have all over the zne.

    By Crisnole URL on 08.16.2012

  20. I’m in the zone. I have to leave this spot. This is bad. This is good..I need to get out of here right now. I’m so scared. These people, they’re looking but they need to stop because I can’t handle them. Their eyes, the colors, they change when they feel furry. I mean, what did I ever do. I do I need them. Can I handle them, should I fight? There’s no point.

    By Tamara Nazywalskyj on 08.16.2012

  21. When you are in the zone you won’t be worried about the holes that appear in your way. If you make it to the end before the time runs out hold the line. We’ll be come to help keep it ours. The fizzle in a drink reminds you that it is time to begin again.

    By Jacob URL on 08.16.2012

  22. Zones. Time zones. Friend zones. Zoning out.

    Zone, zone, zone.

    Reminds me of zombies.

    By Sky URL on 08.16.2012

  23. I was travelling down the highway, everything a blur. I was in the zone. I was speed, and light and sound. Then suddenly I jolted awake and found myself in a wheel chair.

    By Catherine on 08.16.2012

  24. The traffic cones marked off a rather large section of the highway, forcing the cars into one lane of cars, with drivers all yelling at their windshields, “Why now??”

    By Karina URL on 08.16.2012

  25. One does not enter the zone with out stepping outside of yourself. Once in the zone it is difficult to get out, but not impossible. But the concenetration to get into the zone is much less than what it takes to get in. Ideally you should be able to leave, but not without first entering.

    By liam on 08.16.2012

  26. Zoning is so cool. If u zone out while driving u get zoned for driving. Zoning is now legal if u drive in your own zone…isnt that cool…then Puneet gets zoned out for for watching too much tv…hahaha….poos so funny…then zone is zone…

    By Sakshi on 08.16.2012

  27. time zone. different people living simultaneously in different times of the day just because the sun is shining on a different part of the earth. night is day for some; day is night. summer is winter, winter is summer. lives depend on the sun and the time of day.
    zone…being in your own place in your head. getting into the zone.

    By Julia on 08.16.2012

  28. I’m really out of zone. nothing to think about, nothing to do, noting at all. so what do i to get myself back into zone. one would think that maybe talking nonsense would do more harm

    By sazali on 08.16.2012

  29. in my zone. i’m alone. if i could be with you i would try. by my zone is empty. unlike my mind.

    By kesli on 08.16.2012

  30. plasw restriction area limit enclosed paramaters borders box

    By George Purdy on 08.16.2012

  31. as i sat in class and began to zone out, my mind wandered to him. he was so different from other boys, from other people for that matter. he didnt have a care in the world, didnt care what other people thought, he was free. and i was jealous of him for that.

    By JustMe on 08.16.2012

  32. its a great zone with every thing in place
    maybe the rules arent the same as they were on eartyh but its a zone where we have to live in now
    a new world a new start is part of what this puzzle is
    flying gets boring i m starting to crave for solid ground.

    By Reem URL on 08.17.2012

  33. One wonders what a zone is. I can often hear people saying “I am not in my zone?” What does that mean?? Zone is the atmosphere that surrounds us. That defines us. When we are in our zone we feel happy and satisfied.

    By bhagyashree on 08.17.2012

  34. ‘You’re in the no fly zone again,” he muttered under his breath. His grandson, focused, didn’t notice his disapproval. He never did. He simply adjusted the straps of his paraglider and stepped off the lip of the canyon, buoyed by the winds that swept the rock bare.

    By naturemummy URL on 08.17.2012

  35. zoned beyond belief….zoned out is not such a bad thing……my zone is quiet, peaceful and tranquil!

    By RaShelle Downing on 08.17.2012

  36. get inthe zone. zone out. zoner. straight to the zone. bozone zoned. give the dog a zone.

    By jess on 08.17.2012

  37. The general region around, within, or near something or somewhere.

    By liz on 08.17.2012

  38. She zoned out in hopes that she would be able to block out her annoying coworkers. They wouldn’t get off of her back for the copier she permanently jammed yesterday. It was an accident!!

    By liz on 08.17.2012

  39. yes i’m in the zone. nicki minaj thaught me that. the zone i’m in right now is a school zone. kids running around, bullying each other, eating and playing. me myself is a 5th grade student, means i am a senior. i take a look around and find a hydrant, thinking what pranks can i do with this thing, maybe make a fire zone?

    By nana on 08.17.2012

  40. focus
    out of focus
    tuned out
    tune in

    By A on 08.17.2012