February 3rd, 2011 | 470 Entries

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470 Entries for “wrench”

  1. “Augh!” he threw a wrench at the wall in frustration. “What’s wrong?” Six asked, tiptoeing over to where the mechanic sat. “It’s just…it’s nothing, Six.” Wyr seethed, running gloved hands through his dirty blond hair.

    By Nagi Reich URL on 02.04.2011

  2. Wrench! Jolt! Yikes, that hurts! I don’t like thinking about this sort of feeling. It hurts. It pulls me out of alignment with comfort. It might pull my whole self apart. It’s so scary! What can I do to protect against wrenches? Emotional or physical, like a wrenched ankle?

    By Sharon URL on 02.04.2011

  3. His hand drifted towards the workbench. The burglar did not notice. He put his hand behind is back. The burglar did not notice. His fingers gripped the wrench hanging in the tool rack. The burglar did not notice. He raised it high above his head and brought it down with all his strength. The burglar did not notice. He walked out through a pool of blood. He did not notice!

    By Janet Monckton on 02.04.2011

  4. My father was a very good mechanic. We lived next door to his garage and it was always filled with people talking about their cars and what needed to be fixed. My father would stand their, quietly listening to them, holding the wrench that seemed to always be in his hand, as they explained the noise the car made before it stopped running. Sometimes he would take the red shop rag out of his overalls back pocket, and mindlessly clean the wrench while listening to the customer. By the time the story was over the wrench would be gleaming, ready to go back on the wall until he needed it again.

    By peaceable URL on 02.04.2011

  5. creating cacophony, chaotic metallic clang. Can’t think!! Cold taste of steel and it wraps itself around a bolt, married to metal.

    By Rose on 02.04.2011

  6. The was the wrench. Laying on the ground. Forrgotten. As he has about me, but there is still hope that he may come back and get it. He may come back for me one day. Until then I will hold it dearly. His wrench. I am wrenched.

    By Sarah on 02.04.2011

  7. It is a tool that you use to tighten something or to fix something. It is a weird looking tool that people us but it helps a lot.

    By cheylo URL on 02.04.2011

  8. One time I was playing with a wrench and I squished my finger! It hurt so bad! My brother was laughing at me. But I was laughing too. Only cause I knew I wasn’t thinking and I was spacing out.

    By Fluffy URL on 02.04.2011

  9. Wrenches are very dangerous if they aren’t used properly. These can be used to tighten screws and bolts. Little children should not use wrenches because they can get hurt if they do.

    By Drenna URL on 02.04.2011

  10. wrench is a word that hurts the heart it just wrenches it and wringes it…it’s a creepy word and i dont like it.

    By Melissa on 02.04.2011

  11. A wrench is something you fix tools with. You can build a spaceship with one. I think wrenches are super cool. I would love to use one. I want a pink one. Or red. I love wrenches!!

    By kuppycakekhylee URL on 02.04.2011

  12. A wrench is a tool. You use it to fix things with. They are very helpful. My dad uses them a lot to fix our things.(:

    By Stephanie URL on 02.04.2011

  13. my dad ueses wrenches to work on the car im glad he dose .

    By neongreen on 02.04.2011

  14. me and my dad go into the shed and get two wrenchs to go fix some thing. when were useimg wrenches were careful because they can squish your fingers hhahah then we put them back in the shed and the job is done!!

    By 71angel URL on 02.04.2011

  15. A wrench is something that construction workers use. For example, Bob the Builder and Handy Manny. They are a type of tool just like a hammer and a screwdriver. I think they are very cool and handy in times of use!

    By smileigh URL on 02.04.2011

  16. An old plumber was at a house fixing a sink. He was doing a good job until he felt a shake and the house collapsed and he was trapped. He yelled and screamed and then remembered he was stuck. The house was rebuilt and he was still said to be heard banging in the bathroom.

    By Emnm URL on 02.04.2011

  17. wrenches are very usefull for people who fix cars and do many things and we couldnt do there job with out it

    By Stephen Pearce URL on 02.04.2011

  18. it twists it turns around and round till it pops of .so you can fix the problem yipey its going to be fixed.

    By peyton URL on 02.04.2011

  19. When we were children the bad kids really wanted pocket knives, but their parents would not buy them knives. Instead, they stole screwdrivers and wrenches from their fathers’ toolboxes.

    By Nickmas URL on 02.04.2011

  20. When most people see the word wrench, they may think of a tool that you use to fix things. When I think of the word wrench though, I think about the way you wrenched my heart into pieces. This word describes the terrible pain you put me through. Thanks.

    By Tiana URL on 02.04.2011

  21. a tool used for building things, steel, gray, heavy. rhymes with stench. is written in purple.

    By maranda on 02.04.2011

  22. when i was nine, my dad was building our first house. i wanted to help hammer nails in boards but instead he gave me a wrench. he taught me how to use it. and together, slowly but surely, we built our house.

    By maranda on 02.04.2011

  23. A wrench is a handy tool i use them a lot. If there was no wrench all of us would be screwed! There would be no way that we could work on our cars or even our lawn mowers. That means once your car broke down you would have to go and just by a new one cause you couldn’t fix it.

    By logman URL on 02.04.2011

  24. The funeral of his beloved wife made him give a gut and heart wrenching cry. He could no longer look forward to what was to come with her gone.

    By David Saleeba URL on 02.04.2011

  25. she wrenched the knife from his hands. what was he thinking? she knew she should not have left him alone in the kitchen, it always turned out like this. time for a change. no, this time really.

    By Leisa URL on 02.04.2011

  26. Difficult one, this – it smacks of difficulties with separation, linked like a sort of dough, stretching, unable to separate but needing to do so. Not sure I’ve made myself clear.

    By joey URL on 02.04.2011

  27. Wrench the box open with a crowbar in order to reach the yummy gold and jewels on the inside. Wretch like a witch with a wrench in a wren. Wrench.

    By Michael on 02.04.2011

  28. working in the garage with dad. lines of hammers, wrenches, and various tools, interrupted by a window.

    By isaacm459 URL on 02.04.2011

  29. Today’s word is wrench. A wrench can be used by a mensch to mend a fence. A pensive mensch can wrench a fence which is bent. A bent fence can be…

    By Michael URL on 02.04.2011

  30. It took it in my hand and pulled and pulled but it wouldn’t come ff i only had the one chance to do it. and it hurt. It made my hands bleed, but finally finally – orange beam shot out and hit me between the eyes, my headache finally gone, only glass. only glass.

    By Cara McGuigan on 02.04.2011

  31. The wrench had taken my love. He has taken her with his grimy dirty hands, taking no respect of me. He didn’t consider my love for her, he didn’t consider how this would ruin my life, so I wouldn’t consider him whilst I kill him.

    By Chiara Piazzolla on 02.04.2011

  32. Sometimes, something has to go wrong to cleanse the pallet.
    The proverbial wrench has to be thrown in the gears and introduce something unexpected.
    In order to learn how to plan well, you need to see many of your plans go wrong.

    By Michael URL on 02.04.2011

  33. The rusty old wrench always sat on top of the Craftsman box, never put away or used. It just sat, reminding me of the time I spent with my father fixing up old Camaros. I picked it up and threw into a drawer. No more.

    By Kaitlin White on 02.04.2011

  34. wrenches are amazing, they help you build things. without a wrench we wouldn’t have computers I assume at least. I own a wrench, it’s a very fine wrench indeed. I build things with it on the weekend and we share a special bond. oh wrench, I love you. also You’re awesome.

    By Jack on 02.04.2011

  35. I used the wrench to fix the pipe, but the pipe suddenly bursts. I call the plumber to help and he happens to be a handsome man. He fixes the pipe then invites me to dinner. I accept, still unsure.

    By Emily on 02.04.2011

  36. My boyfriend is debating becoming a wrench. The whole gang of them are wrenches. They meet up in their buddies shed, drink scotch, smoke cigars, and then place a sizzling hot wrench on one another’s skin. After a few weeks or months of bubbling and scarring tissue, the scab peels off and their left with the silhouette of a wrench on their skin.

    By Kim URL on 02.04.2011

  37. i use a wrench to work on stuff. my dad uses a wrench all the time buy it is a helpful tool.

    By monkey9 URL on 02.04.2011

  38. wrench is a weird shaped tool you use to tighten bolts.Wierd

    By bubbles URL on 02.04.2011

  39. wrenches are used to fix things. There are all kinds of wrenches, there is the socket wrench, the allen wrench all sorts of wrenches to get different jobs done.

    By mileham12mileham34 URL on 02.04.2011

  40. wrench is a tool you use

    By littleman on 02.04.2011