May 12th, 2014

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68 Responses to “temple”

  1. His knees shook under his weight. The guilt swirling inside trembled more than the stress his body was feeling under keeping a position so long. He asked for forgiveness, he bargained his being, he cried under the roof of the place he called home.

    By thewasp URL on 05.12.2014

  2. Her body is a temple. Her heart is the tressure that lies within. I breath her sweet sent. Honey mixed with lemon. I ravish her with my calloused hands and my sharp tongue. Yes her body is a temple, and its ready to be explored.

    By Mystic Blaze on 05.12.2014

  3. Making my way through the jungle, images of Indiana Jones flashed through my mind. Suddenly, I caught sight of what I had been searching my whole life for. Little areas of tan stone peeked through the vegetation that had claimed the temple for its own. I slashed my way through the overgrowth and made my way closer to the stone temple. It was awe inspiring. My heart beat rapidly as I realized I was the first to gaze upon this structure in over 5,000 years!

    By Hdavis URL on 05.12.2014

  4. She walked up to the temple, one step at a time and though each step was small, to her tired feet, tired legs, tired soul they felt like mountains each. One by one she climbed until she reached the summit, too exhau

    By Nicole on 05.12.2014

  5. As she climbed the old crumbled steps, she envisioned what it must have been like centuries ago when the people gathered around this majestic temple.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.12.2014

  6. He was clean-shaven but still wore a yarmulke — right over the place where he’d probably develop a bald spot when he hit 50.

    By Yona URL on 05.12.2014

  7. My body’s a temple they always told me well here I am with scraped-up paint and no way to fix it, so I punched some more holes in decorative features and filled the gaps with fake jewels, covered everything in flowers and ribbons because I’m trash but at least I love the way it looks.

    By Andrea URL on 05.12.2014

  8. My tongue pressed for passage into her mouth and it was granted, and I pressed myself closer to her. She kissed me passionately as I held her closely. We could not be separated, this is infinite. She is beautiful, my darling, my love, my life, my world, she is my everything and I love her to death. She is my temple.

    By Secrets Lie URL on 05.12.2014

  9. temple, where my ancestors probably went. I don’t know, they were Jewish. I think about them sometimes. I don’t know where they even came from or what their lives were like at all, but I sort of know they were jewish. So they probably went to temple. I mean, my grandparents sort of do, but I want to be really something.

    By Emma URL on 05.12.2014

  10. From atop the towering stone monument you can see past the mountain peaks to the edge of the horizon. From this point you can almost distinguish the where the edges of this world collide with others.

    By asavas URL on 05.12.2014

  11. so the world stood still. We all watched the sunrise behind the silhouette of the temple… sacred time, for others… thinking time for me. My time. Silent for just long enough, for the calm to set into my mind and release the feelings that have been bottled up all week.
    Deep breaths, and all seems just okay.
    Everything will be okay.

    By EmilyJane on 05.12.2014


    By SAVANNAH URL on 05.12.2014

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    By SAVANNAH URL on 05.12.2014


    By SAVANNAH URL on 05.12.2014

  15. a place where you come to worship. the temple can be one’s own body, as Jesus said. The empale has to be a place completely clean. I can imagine the light on it, somehow in my mind a temple is always glistening gold. Like tie light of God Himself shines over it.

    By Monica Marcella URL on 05.12.2014

  16. What is a temple? A temple is a place where you can be calm and where everything is beautiful and a place with peace. I have always wanted to live in a temple

    By Kate on 05.12.2014

  17. If her mind is a temple,
    her body is sinner-ground,
    coaxing me to play in the hour
    of crows, tasting–just savoring,

    until the morning rattles
    her from boneyards.

    By Pandatry URL on 05.12.2014

  18. The Temple of Time had been sealed off for centuries – or at least, that was what the citizens of Hyrule had been led to believe. Of course, the Princess Zelda knew far better than this. With a deep breath, she went around the back in order to find the alternate hidden entrance. She would need an ocarina to get much further, but she couldn’t deny the magic already in the air.

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 05.12.2014

  19. It’s yellow, glinting, and even far away you sense a sort of distance about it. There are no monks, no laughter; only quietude and a sense of decay, of everything falling apart the closer you get inside. The walls close in on either side, squeezing the life gently out of you, until you become a wisp of air entangled with the smoky incense. It smells like secrecy

    By Jessica URL on 05.12.2014

  20. He was lost. At least, he lost himself before he lost all. Once again, he thought that way. Could be not all, but was him all. He didn’t lose nothing, because he never had it. Could be not all right, or good, but when he had sure that he lost, he begins to find all about himself. Raising stone by stone of all he knows that he’s not, he’s lifting all by himself. He’s now his own temple.

    By Paulo Venovich URL on 05.12.2014

  21. Temple in the woods was echoing with the rapid footstep. The prirst in flowing white robe arrived in front of the statue in the middle of central chamber. It was as she feared the face of the statue was a dead rock

    By Jaromir Kovar on 05.12.2014

  22. Eating was about as close to religion as he got.
    Undisturbed by sights and sounds during a good meal
    Telephone and computer tucked away
    No small talk or disruptions
    fully focused, in the moment, contemplative

    By Miss Ann Thrope URL on 05.12.2014

  23. This was her temple, her sanctum; the pump of adrenaline, the rush of blood throughout her limbs, pushing her onward. The city brought back wisps of memories that pulled at her heart and body like an ancient calling. Her legs twitched and throbbed to race to the finish line as they once had before this bloody resistance began. But she held her head high and soldiered through the nostalgia as she had for the last twenty years. For better or worse, her temple was crumbling and there was nothing she could do about it.

    By Charlotte Keynes on 05.12.2014

  24. It took seven men to pull back the rock from the entrance, and even then the opening was only big enough for one person to enter at a time. The inside of the temple defied expectation, being narrow, dark and bare. For a moment, Gilligan thought they had the wrong place, then he noticed the markings on the floor. He bellowed to the team waiting outside; “Bring me a crowbar!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.12.2014

  25. The Temple of Doom. Weird that Oneword could be a source of many a slow-laptop woe…and so the diagnostics continue, I suppose.

    By Fay on 05.12.2014

  26. Temples are located on the sides of your head beside and slightly behind your eyes. They are soft spots that could be damaged easily but are perfect for massaging to relieve stress

    By Jessica on 05.12.2014

  27. Your body is
    What they need it to be
    To worship
    It soothes their worried minds

    They erected this
    Built it up from the basics
    Little do they know
    How you’ve made it stronger
    With every bad decision

    By Sarah URL on 05.12.2014

  28. I was standing there when I saw. It beautiful there. It was so tall. I couldn’t believe my eyes at how grand it was. Then I turned around and said. Do you think we could go there. He said of course. I knew we couldn’t but I didn’t care. So he kissed me on my temple. I was so in love head over heels I could barely even talk. It was now that I realized he was just like that temple. Grand and important to someone’s life. We slowly walked arms linked together towards the other temples

    By Njeri URL on 05.12.2014

  29. The inanimate face of priestess’s god stared blindly down on her from the space beneath the vaulted ceiling. No movement of eyes no visions brought by the divine stare. The old man was right: this was the end.

    By Jaromir Kovar on 05.12.2014

  30. The seldom used guest bedroom was Violet’s temple. There Violet lay all her secrets, both objects found and thoughts imagined. Words spilt from Violet’s lips unheard by another hung in the close air of that holy of holiest rooms.

    By Erica on 05.12.2014

  31. They say our bodies are our temple so I’ve been trying to be a good girl. Seems I’ve given up just about everything. Like the so g goes….
    Freedom is just another word for nothin left to lose.

    By just a girl URL on 05.12.2014

  32. They say that
    your body is a temple,
    but I can’t help
    drinking Jack Daniels
    and smoking Marlboro Reds
    or fucking,
    because it’s how
    I forget the way that
    you abandoned me.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 05.12.2014

  33. The house in which I live
    the garden that I grow
    the feelings that I keep
    for some that I know
    the sacred place that is mine alone
    without a trace of anothers belief

    By Protean URL on 05.12.2014

  34. Serving as a shrine to the Goddess of life itself, the sisters thought the best way to honor her would be to make as small an impact on the chosen area as possible. Which was why, inside the temple walls, the grounds were teeming with natural life.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 05.12.2014

  35. Temples are places where people go to worship their God. Temples are generally holy places where people go to find themselves or just to pray.

    By Aditya on 05.12.2014

  36. A temple. We regard such a structure with respect, reverence. It holds a sacred meaning, be it religious, intellectual, something that is representative of our own values, of a set of precepts we live by.

    By Ashi URL on 05.12.2014

  37. The temple near the outskirts of town had been abandoned for fifty years, primarily because no one was able to enter it. The doors were heavy and bolted fast, and not even the toughest of demolition could seem to break them down. It was said that the gods themselves had constructed the building for their own self-indulgent worship. I guess it made sense, then, that the divine had created alloy too stubborn to listen to any reasonable request from a wrecking ball.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.12.2014

  38. The temple stood against the beautiful blue sky in all of it’s white, pristine brilliance. It stood out because there was no such thing that was more pure than that of the gorgeous temple. It was surrounded by lush green grass and a breeze fluttered by, making leaves dance across the exterior of it.

    By Lucy on 05.12.2014

  39. temple,

    speak too loud,
    or he’ ll he a r

    y o u .

    By youth on 05.12.2014

  40. I visited that golden i had been passing for two weeks now. My first feeling was that it looked like a time capsule. it was. It was a time captured, untouched by time. you could still feel the the thousand of servants that would’ve passed by this window..

    By Zainab on 05.12.2014