February 15th, 2013 | 172 Entries

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172 Entries for “willed”

  1. I feel like I have willed myself through much of my life . . . I have willed myself through the valleys, forcing my way rather than choosing to participate in them . . .And when I have gotten to the mountaintop I have tended to sit down and recuperate rather than rejoice.

    By Sheila on 02.15.2013

  2. When i decide to take life into my own hands, throw caution to the wind, and attempt to control everything I have willed my way through the universe. Today, i want to follow the greater will, not my own, because my own causes problems.

    By Jackie on 02.15.2013

  3. Sometimes it takes the lack of will to do anything before you can decide you actually want to do something. Will works in interesting ways in the sense that you notice its presence and you notice its absence.

    By John URL on 02.15.2013

  4. She willed herself to go further though the wind whipped at her face. Water droplets tangled in her hair and clung there like little frozen beads. Her face caked with salt.

    By Laura J on 02.15.2013

  5. She willed the rock to rise, but it lay there stubbornly on the ground. Again, she shut her eyes tight and pushed her will at it, feeling only growing frustration with this pointless task. She could feel Ard’s eyes on her back, his gaze sardonic as he watched her futile attempts. Finally, she opened her eyes and yelled, “This is stupid!”

    By Mairead URL on 02.15.2013

  6. To be forced into to doing something. Lured into by force.

    By Olivia on 02.15.2013

  7. With all of her strength, she willed herself to move, to keep going. She knew that she couldn’t stop and give up. This was too important. The fact of the matter is that life is worth living, even when it gets you down, even when it sucks. It’s still worth it.

    By Sarah URL on 02.15.2013

  8. it is good to now what wills you. to stay connected with your will is incredibly difficult as the force of old habits seem to take over so constantly. the exploration of a willed reality is fascinating, it shows you what turn you on, what turns you off and one day hopefully you will discover how to hang on to your own will.

    By Carmen on 02.15.2013

  9. I willed myself just now to start typing. Its something that just has to go. You don’t think you just will yourself, move forward and get on with it. It takes no thought, no time, just one moment. So will yourself to do something that you never thought you would ever do. Do it now. Will do.

    By Skyler Simpson on 02.15.2013

  10. Lindethiel stared out at the rising dawn, scowling as the light glinted off of the chains around her wrists. She was broken, bloodied and sore, but there was one thing he would never take from her, one thing Saruman could never have: her spirit.

    By Britt on 02.15.2013

  11. You force yourself to do something. You push with all your might, and it’s hard like rolling a boulder up a hill. But you can do it. You simply have to focus and concentrate. At the end, you’ll be so proud of yourself. You’ll be excited, happy, and thankful it’s over. This can be said for all events in life.

    By Jonathan URL on 02.15.2013

  12. She willed herself to believe that anything was possible, that something good can come out from anything evil. And she willed herself to believe that she could forgive him for the things he’s done, but sometimes it isn’t that simple.

    By Brandy gibbs on 02.15.2013

  13. When you speak, sometimes the will is made weak. Not unfamiliar, or is it?

    By Danaé on 02.15.2013

  14. He surely was a strong-willed man, no one could deny that. He wanted some precise things in life, he fought for them and obtained them. Always. But this time, he was unsecure, duobt had taken place in his mind. He didn’t know what to do, didn’t understand what he really wanted for his future. And this honestly scared him. His certainties, self-confidence, the safety-net provided by his strong personality, well, they were all gone. Destroyed by a decision he couldn’t make.

    By Monica URL on 02.15.2013

  15. He rejected me again. I really want to help him but he always refuses. I love him, even if he keeps breaking my heart. That’s why I’ll never stop trying to help him. My will is as strong as my love for him.

    By Julia909 URL on 02.15.2013

  16. Nobody’s willed to go through with this. Their hands are shaking and their lips are trembling and the picture would be funny if it wasn’t so grotesque. We’re way too out of our leagues here. We stare at the blood in our hands, but we can’t quite finish what we’ve started. To hit and punch and kick is one thing, but to finish someone off, forcing air out of their lungs and their hearts to stop forever? That may be too much.

    By g URL on 02.15.2013

  17. Feel the need it on the inside though you don’t want to; pushing forward through own opposing feelings.

    By celina on 02.15.2013

  18. i willed myself to go. go. go. i let my hands fly behind me with the greens and blues and browns being pushed past. i willed myself to go. to run. to fly. to leave. i could not stay. i could not apologize. i could not say good bye. bye. bye. i willed myself to go away from all.

    By Sharon on 02.15.2013

  19. willed…the willingness to bring something into creation. I willed the words to speak for me, for my soul, for what I believed should be spoken, but then…I lost it. I lost it in my hurt and miscarriages I dared call “short stories”.

    By Alexia URL on 02.15.2013

  20. I looked at him and glanced away awkwardly. It wasn’t easy to say something like this, especially not to a guy as good as him. There wasn’t a bad bone in him, but I willed myself to say it: “Adam, I have a confession to make.”

    By Julia URL on 02.15.2013

  21. I’m willed to will myself to do more
    I have willed the world to take me under
    I’m tired
    I’m anxious and broken
    But I’m not going to stay down
    It’s been willed for me to keep moving forward
    Because I know…I see that there just has to be more than this.
    So I’m willed to be me
    Even if I don’t know who that is just yet…
    But I WILL find out…

    By Nadirah on 02.15.2013

  22. She sliced the razor against her fragile skin, daring it to bleed
    Maybe if she willed hard enough, she could stop
    But the pain was too good
    A bittersweet composition of pain and hate
    That somehow calmed her
    The flow of blood
    The feel of the blade
    Will alone would definitely not suffice

    By Em URL on 02.15.2013

  23. She willed the large boulder to move off of him, to no avail. Franticly she looked around for a branch and quickly located one, running to get it. He was unconscious and she worked quickly, using the branch as a lever. The boulder didn’t want to budge, but with superhuman strength in a burst of energy, it finally began it’s slow roll off of her brother and made its way faster and faster down the hill to crash at the bottom. She checked him out, reaching for her canteen to dampen her shirt and wash his face lovingly. Finally, coming to her senses, she reached for her cell phone and dialed 911.

    By carolbygrace URL on 02.15.2013

  24. I willed myself to be quiet. noone could know i was here. if anyone found out about my secret they would kill me.

    By rachel on 02.15.2013

  25. Some people are strong willed, and some are weak willed. Some people just have no will what-so-ever. My will is different from yours, and yours is different from anyone elses.

    By AnnieB URL on 02.15.2013

  26. i will that yoou be mine, I love you so much. But in the final throes of my despair I know that to have loved you was a waste and that in memory you shall serve me greater than in flesh. Still I love, but not you. I have but one wish, happiness.

    By Vanessa Rachael Marsden on 02.15.2013

  27. There’s a parasite growing in me.
    I’ve willed myself to accept that fact.
    It’s going to take ten times as much will to flush it out of my system with no regrets, no thoughts for the future.
    But it’s what I have to do.
    I can’t let it grow, I can’t let it consume me. It would take over my life. I can’t let that happen.
    I must keep my own free will. My life is mine.

    By morbid butterfly on 02.15.2013

  28. I am a strong willed person .Also I am willed to do what my dad wants.

    By KG on 02.15.2013

  29. Desire. Primal yearning for whatever your heart desires. A dream for your future.

    By Brennan on 02.15.2013

  30. i have never wanted to think about why i needed to go out and havethis need to complete something. all i wastto do is do whats need for me to complete this reason. i havent had an idea that ive been able to finish it.
    ive only accomplished the part that has been pushed on me. im an unfortunate forgiver.

    By adrianna on 02.15.2013

  31. I’m willed enough to journey far beyond what my own restrictions prevent. Someone should probably stop me because I’ll most likely kill someone along the way.

    By Pip URL on 02.15.2013

  32. i am strong willed. i have the will to do anything when I set my mind to it.

    the will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win.

    By Kailey URL on 02.15.2013

  33. I’m forcing myself to have faith in fate.
    To refuse to give up, to have the strength to wait.
    But the future I’m handed may not lead to you
    And all the wishes I’ve spent may never come true.

    By Carly URL on 02.15.2013

  34. I willed for us to be together. Now I will for us to be apart. I’m finding it difficult to get rid of you now. I can’t seem to get you to leave me alone. I’m willing it with all my heart, go away I want to be apart. I wish I had never willed for us to be together in the first place. I should have been more specific. I never wanted more than a friendship. Oh why do things like this happen to me…

    By untamedimagination URL on 02.15.2013

  35. My sister was always strong willed. Some thing died inside her the first time she gave in. I loved her before and after, but something changed that day. she lost the fire in her eyes. She was somehow less: weaker, quieter, softer, smaller.

    By carlay URL on 02.15.2013

  36. She willed herself to get out of bed.
    After all, even though the whole world had collapsed around her, that was no reason to give up….was it?
    She often thought about the futility of life, how we all just die in the end, and it made her to shiver to think all her pain could be for nothing.

    By Megan Kirk URL on 02.15.2013

  37. Only a certain breed of human has you.
    You are so beautiful..
    A will is something you can never give up.
    Yet this becomes a dream ruined,,
    How can people give you up?
    You are my everything.

    By Jordan Barker URL on 02.15.2013

  38. “He willed me to do so.” Nobody really talks like that. It sounds very old fashioned. But there’s a certain beauty in that, like a long lost treasure being found.

    By Jon URL on 02.15.2013

  39. I wanted it to go. Willed it. And it did. I never had to see that damn dog again. Goodbye Pedro. I never did anything to actually make it disappear. Was just very relieved when it didn’t come back.

    By E.P. Hantera on 02.15.2013

  40. Erika willed her countenance into something calm. No one would ever have guessed from looking at her how mortified she was, how nervous and restless. “Who told you that?” she asked, raising her eyebrows.

    By Julia A. URL on 02.15.2013