March 20th, 2011 | 282 Entries

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282 Entries for “whole”

  1. There’s is nothing better than having someone you truly care about lying next to you. They are someone you want to cherish, want to wake up next to them, and grow old with them. Why? Because they make you feel complete.

    By Elizabeth Cady Stanton URL on 03.20.2011

  2. Whole, I am, Whole I am Whole, I am whole I am I am I am I am I I I I …. oh forget it, I am not whole I am half, since you left.

    By Luz Maria Uribe Shopova URL on 03.20.2011

  3. With him near, I am whole again. With him gone, I can barely stand. HEeis what I think about, day and night. You are my crutch. Please, someone, slap some sense into me.

    By sophia on 03.20.2011

  4. I am not broken
    I am not halved
    I’ll overcome
    Me, as a whole.

    I guess he thinks he can take the best part of me.
    What he doesn’t know is that that’s all of me

    I am whole, for all
    of Eternity.


    By DM. on 03.20.2011

  5. I hate how they say you can’t be whole unless you have a counterpart.
    I hate it because it’s true.

    Sometimes I feel broken, and so I feel alone, and as much as I hate to use cliches, this often happens even when I’m in a crowded room.

    It’s like there’s a fine line between wholeness and suffocation, wholesomeness and purity. Change one letter in “whole” and it becomes “whore” for God’s sake. Ha. Whole.

    By DM URL on 03.20.2011

  6. I felt like I was whole after meeting him and hanging out with him. Until yesterday. Now I feel like I’m alone once again. He won’t talk to me, won’t respond to me. I feel like I lost someone amazing from my life. I just hope he will call me or get in touch with me so I can feel whole again.

    By Ninja on 03.20.2011

  7. I had one whole hour today of just me and you. Walking around the mall. Hanging out. I loved it. It was the longest time I’d gone without thinking about him. I think I’m falling for you. But will you catch me?

    By giannasauras URL on 03.20.2011

  8. whole whole whole whole whole
    whole whole wholle whole
    whole whole whole whole whole

    By Jess URL on 03.20.2011

  9. whole.whole.whole.whole.whole

    By Jess URL on 03.20.2011

  10. the whole wide world surrounds me as i step my feet into the street move them from side to side start walking under the illuminated lights that pave the way to all of these tiny little pieces that create a whole

    By lauren URL on 03.20.2011

  11. The hole in my heart can only be filled with one thing. Only then will I be whole. My heart can’t possibly break when it wasn’t even whole to start with, so I wait until that day comes, when I can fully possess my heart.

    By A Bananie URL on 03.20.2011

  12. I drank a whole lot – I said a WHOLE lot – and I feel like crawling into a hole

    By Kat5 URL on 03.20.2011

  13. Pieces falling out at every edge. She crumbled slowly from the tips of her ears until at last only her toes were the same as they had been. But, they said, she may have fallen apart but she was still together and could again be whole

    By Tsubasa Rose URL on 03.20.2011

  14. whole. how do you know if you are whole? sometimes you don’t realize you’re missing something because you never had it and therefore never knew you should be missing it. is that how i am now? or am i “whole”? it seems like you can’t ever really be whole? how do you know when you’re there? so abstract. too much for me.

    By anonymous on 03.20.2011

  15. You can make me whole again.
    Immer wieder neu. Egal was passiert ist. Wenn ich breche, wenn ich falle. Tief und tiefer.
    Und meine Scherben liest du auf und mit endloser Geduld machst du mich wieder ganz. Zumindest im Lied. Sowas geht nur in Liedern.

    By Pim URL on 03.20.2011

  16. “i need a whole loaf, you know i have a big family!” i said to the baker. i only had two coins, but i had far more mouths to feed. his bargaining for a half-loaf just wasn’t going to cut it today. my inability to pay had never been a problem before. this man had been so generous that he’d practically invented the idea of a “baker’s dozen.” always willing to give. but no, now that his new wife had moved in it was all “profit, profit, profit.” where had my generous baker gone? where had all of the kind, helpful in this town gone? i sure didn’t know. but thinking about the unforgiving state of the human race wasn’t solving my problems, wasn’t putting food in the kids’ bellies. i had to play by the baker’s rules until i could support my family on my own

    By Esther URL on 03.20.2011

  17. You stole,
    The other half,
    To my whole.

    By Harry Potter. URL on 03.20.2011

  18. Whole. I want to eat a whole pizza. Love with your whole heart. Love – give that word a whole new meaning. Consider the whole person.

    By Marcella URL on 03.20.2011

  19. The whole world was going to be destroyed, with me and my friends the only one to save it. How’s that for an adventure? More importantly, I wondered, how are a few kids going to save the world?

    By Philip on 03.20.2011

  20. Though my eyes do the filming
    It’s my mind that tries to
    rewind to a time
    when things were less complicated.
    when i was less obligated
    to see this world for what it really is
    a fucked up collaboration of
    self inflicted people.
    rambling about is wrong with this world.
    i want to see them come together as whole
    and take action on the words
    that they spew.

    By kespi URL on 03.20.2011

  21. compromise to the heart

    By tanya on 03.20.2011

  22. Wheat. It’s yummier, and it’s totally better for you. White bread sucks. Don’t eat the white bread. Eat the whole wheat bread. This is a subliminal message, and now you won’t be able to stop yourself from eating the whole wheat bread.

    By Abby URL on 03.20.2011

  23. Whole enchilado, whole food. Whole Earth catalog on my parents’ book shelf, with a black cover and the whole earth from space. I looked through that, expected to find something magic, I think, something mystical. But it was not like that. It was something I needed help to understand.

    By emily on 03.20.2011

  24. The whole thing is just a huge, unsettling, frustrating event. There are few moments when I’m not caught up in thoughts of it and what will happen and what I can and can’t do. Sometimes all one cares about is for things to be right, but it can be so, so difficult to get to that point.

    By Veerin URL on 03.20.2011

  25. I ate the whole thing. It didn’t matter that I had a seen it was good for at least two meals… I ate it all. And I was pleased to be full of it. Full of it’s taste and texture. It was GOOD!

    By Sara URL on 03.20.2011

  26. As a whole I’m not entirely sure where I belong in this world. My thoughts and feelings are here but I can sense another part of me waking up to realize that this world isn’t what it seems to be. The reality we created is fictional.

    By Chris on 03.20.2011

  27. I want to be whole. I am whole. I feel whole. But I also feel that I will be even more whole once I am with the person. That one person that I will love and who will love me.

    By Care URL on 03.20.2011

  28. You complete me :)

    By Anonymous on 03.20.2011

  29. What does being whole look like? Is it having everything that you’ve ever wanted? Or is it more, like a spiritual state that only certain people can achieve. A whole pizza. The whole shebang. Whole. Aren’t we all—if we are breathing and our hearts are beating?

    By Citrus Aurantifolia URL on 03.20.2011

  30. I’m in love with a Marine. A whole lot of people say that I shouldn’t put so much of myself into a relationship with a military man, but he has my whole heart. I love him to death and he is the reason my sun shines. I will be his light at the end of his tunnel for as long as he needs me too.

    By Jasmii URL on 03.20.2011

  31. I am not whole, something is missing.

    By ennabeatriz URL on 03.20.2011

  32. there is something different for every person that makes them whole. popularized by the media is the component of romance, which is why i believe so many naive teenagers go about desperately seeking love. but it doesn’t have to be a lover, for me it is horses. i feel small and rather pointless anywhere else in the world except the back of a horse, where i am everything. i hope that all of my friends can find their fulfilling component sooner than later, and i can hardly wait to see what they are.

    By zoe URL on 03.20.2011

  33. Everyone together. A feeling of fullness, of light. Having those who make you complete with you makes whole. Or whole, as in one.

    By Serendipity URL on 03.20.2011

  34. i feel like i need someone else to be whole.
    they say that when you fully become comfortable in your body, with who you are and who you’ve become, you’ll feel whole.
    but then why do i feel so empty?
    why do i still want someone to hold my hand and offer me their sweater when it’s cold outside?
    i don’t feel whole at all.
    in fact, i feel a pretty empty.

    By Sabena on 03.20.2011

  35. Being made whole is quite impossible for someone like me. I’m an ambitious individual, which I had always seen as a good thing, but does this mean I’m never actually going to be satisfied, is the reason I search for more not because I just want to experience more, but maybe because what I have is never enough. Are all ambitious people unfulfilled?

    By http://the-rubber-necker.blogspot.com/ URL on 03.20.2011

  36. I read somewhere that it is better to be whole than to be good. I’ll take the good with the bad, the shadows of the lightness, my roots digging down for nourishment as my arms reach up to fly. Better to be whole than guilty and self-denying. Better to be whole and curious and strong than ignoring my flaws.

    By Al(l) is on(e) URL on 03.20.2011

  37. There was something about drinking whole milk that seemed unwholesome, but she gulped it down regardless. She swallowed mouthful after mouthful, trying desperately to fill the a hole inside inside of her. She drank down the milk as she devoured a carton of donuts, a few pieces of cake, and half a gallon of ice cream. Then she purged it all out. Such was her desire to be whole.

    By Wasanna URL on 03.20.2011

  38. I wanted to feel whole again, feel needed. But i knew it was harder done than said and as i slowly drifted off into the realm of dreams i thought of a place where the world turned for me and the birds sang for my ears and i was happy because i knew in a way i was already there, we all where.

    By Hanna URL on 03.20.2011

  39. My word of the day is “whole”. That’s a hard word to write about… especially because I am so far from the definition of that word. Can you be whole if you are all made up of bits and pieces? Can you be whole if you are stitched together with threads belonging to other people? Can you be whole if you could shatter at any moment, revealing to the world that you are not as complete as you seem to be?
    Sage-girl holds my life together with bits of thread and glue… does sage-girl know that her strands of soul bind my fragments of mind together?
    I hope she does.

    By Seneca S. URL on 03.20.2011

  40. What’s it like?
    To be whole?
    To own you’re entire being.
    To not be half of who you are…
    and the rest belongs with him.
    What’s it like?
    To be whole?
    All the time?
    I will never know.
    Because he’s my other half.
    Only when we’re together
    Am I whole.

    By Terry URL on 03.20.2011